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She was trafficked to Richard Nixon when she was a child named "Candy Girl". She claims they literally breed children for experiments at Holsworthy Army base underground. Very sad story to read and to understand that this is going on all over the world and must be stopped at all costs. These are human spirits/souls these assholes are torturing!

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To Fiona:

Keep fighting the good fight. You and by extension your family are martyrs of sorts.

Rest comfortably knowing God will have a special place for you and your family in the afterlife.

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re Fiona Barnett

Thanks for posting. No, I hadn't heard of her

Very very sad. Sounds a bit like Cathy ONeil's story

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This is a terrible story, but fyi there have been multiple posts on Fiona and Nicole Kidman, her father etc.

Here is the link to the search options:


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Thanks for letting me know. I don't understand why it gets archived and taken out of the public attention, when it is such a important story. I'm new here, so still learning, but don't get why this gets buried, when so much crap gets posted and hits the top trends.

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everything gets buried. since I joined here Nov 30, there have been so many amazing posts with hundreds of comments, stuff that just is mind boggling and or soul crushing, there were new quality posts about every ten minutes round the clock. Its really tapered off in the past two months, so chances are, unless you find something very new, its probably in the archives. There is a contingent of "fakes" who post crap just to bury the good posts and they have been very busy lately. One area that probably needs more digging is the organ trafficking, Other than Thaci in Kosovo, I haven't seen a lot of posts delving into that subject and I keep meaning to but just haven't yet.

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My Story Fiona Barnett Hang on for the Ride Archive of this thread https://archive.fo/mNkT8

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She's lying. I know you guys are going to downvote this but there is good evidence that Fiona Barnett is a running a limited hangout operation. I wouldn't be surprised if Nicole Kidman's dad was involved in this shit but Fiona is damage control and I can prove it

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If you can say you can prove, please do so, or at least give your reasons for believing this. Otherwise your comments mean nothing.