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This relates to Pizzagate for the following reasons:

There is speculation that Chris's wife, Vicky, was not happy to disburse any funds out from their foundation to help the children. Chris donated all of his proceeds from his recently released song,. 'The Promise' to The International Rescue Committee.

Please listen to one of Chris's last interviews here:


The last Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation filed Form 990 on record is 2014 That is not the date it was filed.
Rather it is the Balance Sheet Date.

Randy 'Rocket' Cody writes /speculates that the Chris and Vicky Cornell foundation business could have been the cause for the murder if one occurred.

It has been proven that the foundation website, for some reason, had no more presence on the internet 2 to 3 days preceding Chris death. The website was blacked out. Now this does not prove anything but researchers are trying to gather any information that could assist in the fan investigations.

I recommend that you DO NOT rely on TMZ for the facts. And do not confuse TMD with TMZ.

Forget the MSM on this.

Thankfully, The Detroit News carried an article that was not all lies.

(Chris died in Detroit following a concert there.)

Some information about the foundation: Note how the subject can very much relates to our research here:


🔼 This article discussed matters about the foundation It was put together by pizzagate researchers.



🔼🔼🔼 This article discusses the foundation issues.The title is:

 CHRIS  CORNELL -. Killed For Pulling Plug On His Foundation?

Other information can be seen here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1996572

Have you seen those supposed pictures of the hotel room where Chris died?

Chris was about 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Do you think he could have hung on that door?

I cannot imagine any room in The MGM Grand Detroit Hotel looking like that.

To me the room looked slightly above Motel Six.

Aside from the fact that Chris was dearly loved by his fans, this sub is pizzagate related for no other reason than shenanigans about the Foundation.

Randy Cody said 98% of the donations did not go to the children. They were pilferred.


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things are getting crazy amigos. Alot of people are hanging these days. people with strong knowledge of much easier chemically induced routes.


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Such a good point. Just read Chester sang halleluia by Cohen at Chris' memorial service last May.

People are quoting that he seen to be in a good place lately.

He said he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by an older man.

They released a music video 3 hours before his death his morning.

He was heading out for a world tour in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your point here.Yes, I agree.


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Also I never knew this before but, Chesters father was a chuld sex abuse detective


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The 911 call...they are saying:..

The Day Chris Died



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This I found on utube today.

Not able to determine it's authenticity.

Chris 911 Call "Live Clip From Detroit Police Scanner".



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Questions about the bodyguard kicking down the door:



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I did not write any of this.

Saw this today and decided to post it. To leave no stone unturned.

People better than me will not let this story die.



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I referenced quite a bit of material

from Randy Rocket Cody's website:



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Chester Bennington...deceased July 20,. 2017

close with much appreciation for Chris Cornell


This video was recorded last May by Linkin band mates on May 19 , 2017.

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