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Fuc that Guy. I followed him for months but not an inch does he give pizzagate yet he claims to be a targeted individual! He is a fake or a perp, one of the two. Gets blow jobs from strippers in New York and him and Jason think they are the bomb. Jason worked with and was probably hired by Brain Singer, the notorious gay pedo in LA. I also used to defend George but come on, what does he fucking care about children being ritually abused?? Not hardly at all. He is, in some ways, our enemy. So, Trump will most likely do fuck all and MSM or George and co don't care!! The powers that be wish we would all be committed to a mental hospital and rot away. THAT IS HOW MUCH THEY CARE!!! Have you got that??????? My children, years ago, were threatened and I believe involved in all this through their Jezebel mother. How much support ya think I have had in 21 years!!!!!!! ooooooo! As in zero!!! Yet, with all my research and personal experience I know this evil world exists. Most of my ex friends and family just wish I would die!! Pray for the children!! That's right, get off your asses and pray because the institutions won't do fuck all!!

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Pizza is a means to a more grotesque end. What is the only thing worse than torturing, murdering and cannibalizing children? Controlling and enslaving the global population through a massive pyramid scheme, and removing all hope, freedom, voice and faith in the process.

George Webb's litmus test is Racine, Wisconsin. He knows about Racine and stated that he was researching it further. He can start with the Underground Railroad link from Racine to Canada and the unsolved Racine Jane Doe case, who was likely from Canada and was tortured for an extended period of time and murdered. We are waiting for him to prove he is not following a script, and there are many red flags for anyone who has followed his series, including "Obama is innocent", "let's go back to the old days of trafficking and organ harvesting", "Donna Brazile is a good person", "no one should go to jail", "I am a Zionist" and other statements. At some point he has to make the connection, or his entire investigation will be meaningless and everyone will know he is part of the bigger "school play".

We will find out soon where George draws the line and whether he is willing to investigate all the way or has set boundaries on his investigative scope. The line that George has yet to cross is beyond the Clinton Foundation and the DNC where it connects to Secret Societies who are involved at the higher levels above the Clintons. McCain, Paul Ryan and others in the RNC are similarly entrenched, and serving their corporate and mafia masters. The Emanuels have yet to be included in the investigation, and are key players that bridge the gap along with other middle men tied to them including Ashton Kutcher.

EquineLuvr has the same litmus test. Racine is the answer that will unite us all, and we are still waiting for EquineLuvr to come around and prove they are not a complete paid shill. It doesn't take much to prove. Everything leads back to Racine in one form or another and the same groups that are controlling the bigger picture. Hint: It's not the Awans, Alpha Jolla, or the Podestas.

Racine is a main root to the entire system of Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. Once the world realizes this ultimate Truth, we can begin Stage Two, and it doesn't involve "no one goes to jail", "slow justice", "FOIA requests", or "lawsuits". This is a race between Real Truth, Fake Truth and Artificial Intelligence.

You cannot fix a broken and corrupt system through that same broken and corrupt system. We need Global Enlightenment by way of Racine, Wisconsin and the real agenda of the United Nations, Pilgrims Society, Vatican, New World Order and the Council of 13.

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Write a book on Racine already...

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Underground Railroad. Is that how the pedophile network runs through the U.S.?

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It is one of many channels. Beyond underground tunnels and empty hideouts, Racine has an International Airport that is fully controlled by corrupt private groups with a customs office, and a privately-controlled harbor on one of the largest fresh water sources in the world. Racine is also connected to I-94 which is a major trafficking route, and the fake organization they started to investigate human trafficking called The Fight to End Exploitation is connected with some of the groups involved in Pizzagate and Global Criminal Corruption. It is also tied to both corrupt democrat and republican groups and foundations including Clinton Foundation, McCain Foundation and corrupt local foundations, and it is also tied to Ashton Kutcher, a front man for Freemasons and Kabbalah, who is now too scared to show up because he is being exposed as part of the corrupt groups. Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Reince Priebus and others like the Podestas and Emanuels are middle men to the real elite, and they all screwed up and let Racine, Wisconsin get too exposed.

Shine the light on Racine, WI and we will reveal the real truth to the world and the true agenda tied to the Council of 13. This is a fight for the Truth versus Complete Global Enslavement.

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George "Dirty Bomb Hoax" Webb, uses INCORRECT definitions of ratlines, metadata, etc. And you idiots keep repeating his BS!

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The shill is right on this one.

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Because he has done a lot of research and much of what he says makes sense - I commend you to my subverses - https://voat.co/v/WebbWatch/new and https://voat.co/v/CrowdSourcetheTruth/new - I always treasure your comments - and quite frankly, any core few and far between over on those young subverses. forward to your input over there!

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We are here for pizzagate!!! Or if you prefer Pedogate which his royal highness is not. He doesn't want to go there! Stop giving him attention here!! For fuck sake!!

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Have you talked to anyone that knows him?/ Had an experience? I have

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It makes them easy to spot on the web though. :-)

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He also doesn't believe 911 was an inside job!!! Really, you're a T.I and you haven't figured out the deal yet!????? Most T.I.'s have! Like FUCK OFF GEORGE!!! I know you and half baked Hollywood wannabe Jason read this shit.

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He said that? Good lord, does he have anything about him that isn't damage control limited hangout? Trying to say Mossad, CIA Larry Silverstein and the entire gang didn't plan and carry out 9/11 means you aren't red pilled. Had no idea he tried to go with that angle. Twice the clown I thought he was before.

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Believe it or not, there are people out there that are targeted Individuals.George played this card once as well. He is probably not targeted, just delusional or a fake

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No need to source - WE BELIEVE YOU!

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This is right, but I would add: it's not just blackmail. It's also mind control. All of the cannibalism, satanism stuff comes from the mind control stuff. Eventually the blackmail and the mind control stuff start to blend together.

Keep in mind also that the CIA likes to hire perverts who actually enjoy this stuff. So it hires real pedos, real sadists, real satanists, etc. Some of the things these people do are part of CIA black / mindcontrol. Some of it they do for fun. They're legally protected either way. That's how you get the "Satanic panic."

At least, this is my working theory. It's hard to know the full truth about secretive organizations like the CIA.

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I questioned some inconsistencies and asked if he was related to Gary Webb next thing I know he is claiming he chose George Webb to commemorate Gary. Just strange. He repeats things found by Gary Webb and Mae Brussels, the 'original' researchers. From what I see with George -there is a tiny bit of truth mixed with fiction. He lost me. His theory on pizza doesn't not fit into the leaked emails. We know from Op Paperclip and the two major cover-ups -which are DOCUMENTED as fact, child trafficking a big problem, per judicial committee, it's epidemic. It is said to surpass guns and drugs in terms of money. As far as 'pizzagate' that term was used by now President Trump when he was a private citizen in an interview asking him about -then-new Weiner allegations. That is telling. The original reddit research had it all researched with links, sources and thorough, now it's scrubbed/hard to find. Just my opinion.

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The original reddit research had it all researched with links, sources and thorough, now it's scrubbed/hard to find. Just my opinion.

There are links to various copies of it in this thread: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1428510

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Today he is dismissing the references to Muloch, etc in the emails as nothing-- really tried to divert away from facts on Luciferians, Satanists in government. Aquino, top military/NSA was high in Church of Satan before starting his own 'Church' It is not a secret, he is proud of being Satanist. There were many news articles about the numerous Satanists in the military since the 80s. That is just pure fact. Why does George act like/say it doesn't exist? He is getting sloppier.

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Because that's what hacks do.

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It's because he probably works for fucking Dyncorp and is running damage control with that Jew Jason Goodman. George Webb already admitted he's mossad and pro-Israel. If thats not a red-flag and you're a kosher conspiracy theorist then you need to neck yourself right fucking now

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Yeah Webb is disinformation totally designed to keep all eyes away from the Rothschild Jewish Cabal...

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idk if that's supposed to be sarcastic or not but George Webb is a limited hangout. Seth Rich never died bro, that shit was fake as fuck.

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