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I just got that nauseous feeling when you know that the entire thing is a pedo shell game. I know exactly where this lead is going. Except maybe we can do something about this if it is ongoing.

I will say this - If the FBI or other LE/IC are watching, you better get your asses in gear now and shut it down because they are about to get spooked.

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Ron Hendrickson has worked with the Clinton Foundation.

He also served on a special committee when Bill was president.

Finally, went to school to North Arlington High School, along with some Podestas.

That is all I know. Verify it yourself.

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I am assuming you mean Arlington, VA. If so, there is no such high school called "North Arlington High School".

Verify it yourself.

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Guys, its a pedophile database. We've just hit the jackpot. Its how these kiddie fckas communicate - scheming, hubris and their own culture. This is big. I like what someone said on POL - kidnap one of the degenerates, torture them until they spill the beans, post results.

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So I looked up the Joseph's bistro location in Bastrop TX, a small town near Austin (which has 66 Joseph's location- none of which I have ever seen or heard of) and lo and behold the Joseph's address appears to be the middle of the highway. It also happens to be located 2 blocks from the masonic temple right across the street from a CASA child advocacy center that has a heart within a heart logo.

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so bizarre!

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OMG! I just clicked on the "bizarre one" link above http://thepulsemag.com/wordpress/2011/05/0511-review-carmellas-italian-kitchen and realized I ate at Carmellas Italian literally decades ago! Went to school in Amherst, MA. This place was NOT located in "Brookfield" on route 9, but in Hadley on route 9 and closed permanently in 2012 it looks like. So, I don't know what is up with reviewer literally LYING about the location. https://www.facebook.com/carmelinasrestaurant/?hc_ref=ARSGDp9Wlqo0g-c5gpbcT4zZ2RqX2o2qomiLKT-2GkD99_dtPu2NtZVk4H2oA3oZt3I&fref=nf

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Ok, guys & gals, seriously... I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but, this is obviously a database error.

/Josephs /Franks-Franks/ /Bobs-Store (I think I found one or two other examples of generically named sub-folders)

Are you noticing a similarity?

ANY generic named sub-folder is auto-populating based on a search engine "scrape" that taps into existing business/professional/individual listings across the entire USA. I've built and deployed tools that do this exact same thing... aside from the fact that mine worked correctly.

You could spend days indexing all of the generic sub-folders that would trigger "false positive" listings. And you'll be left with a massive list of businesses and professionals that share one thing in common. A first name.

This is not a pedo activity map based on generic first names.

By all means, keep digging, but, I'm 99.99% certain that you are chasing a database error.

You can call me a shill if you'd like - I'm just trying to help you save time and focus on things that matter. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bmMl2OGVQ0

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I checked other businesses that they offer on the hours website and they don't have the same problem...why not? Why just this one specific (nonexistent) business with this problem? What other non-existent businesses do they have on that website? I checked other business that I know exist, and that I know where they do and do not exist, and no problem like this.

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I too have wondered the same. Theres even a few with similar first name subfolders but not having this issue.

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I've explained this about 3 or 4 times now on the threads pertaining to "Joseph's" invisible bistro. It has everything to do with the sub-folder structure used on the CMS/web platform they've developed.

For example - let's use the pedo bait franchise of Chuck E. Cheese... https://www.hourscenter.com/chuck-e-cheeses/

611 locations in the US. Sounds reasonable. Clicking on a few states I'm familiar with, the results check out. Looks like an accurate listing! Why?

Because the sub folder is properly named /chuck-e-cheeses/

Now, if you found a man, who had himself listed as a registrant/stakeholder/independent business, who's actual name was "Chuck E. Cheeses" - he would be included.

Let's go to Joseph's: https://www.hourscenter.com/josephs/

Notice the sub-folder?

Bob's: https://www.hourscenter.com/bobs-stores/ (Clicking on links drives you to a random business named "Bob's Custom Heating & Cooling" - https://www.yelp.com/biz/bobs-custom-heating-and-cooling-brown-city))

And then there are at least 2 or 3 more generic named sub-folders that also create the confusion/false listings.

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Found another one "Teri Teri", An actual Japanese restaurant. I checked a few of the listings and it led me to a Hair Salon (cant find a Teri name link) and a Lawyers office and then a residence (weirdly also its on the water and boat can access international waters). I cant find any names with these addresses but I am seeing a pattern with these double names from HoursCenter. I have found some sites located near streets with names associated with Podestas emails. I feel this could be a database issue but there are lots of coincidences too. What bugs me is why would the site admin not fix this database, Why pay hosting fees for a garbage site with erroneous info? Could this be designed to appear like a database error and keep these locations hidden in plain site among the chaos of bad data?

I am really trying to find the answers here. So far I'm on the fence.

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I cross referenced the Joseph locations in my city and they are all legit places with the name Jospeh in the title or an owner with the name Joseph. I know many of the businesses that came up and they aren't pedo fronts- it's just a list of literally all the places in the city with Joseph associated with them

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Accessing the data is the only way to "spike" hosting fees... they get a good bit of traffic surprisingly: https://www.spyfu.com/overview/domain?query=hourscenter.com But, a site where 99% of the people are looking for specific biz listings, likely won't raise any alarms when 1 out of every 10,000 visitors clicks on a random "Joseph" listing that they are not actually looking for. Sidenote: They are relatively new. So, whomever is behind this seemingly terrible site certainly knows how to get some love from Google.

If the coincidences add up and amount to something more sinister, then I'll change my story!

But so far I'm not seeing much in the way of deeper/darker connections... perhaps I'm being too skeptical?

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Upvoat for you

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I looked up my local Joseph's Bistro from your link listing their locations. I don't want to go into specifics about the location for fear of being doxxed, but it looks like it is a suite in a hospital. The link you gave me shows they have around a 4 star review with a couple hundred reviews. Doesn't make any freaking sense because I'm very familiar with the area and I've never heard of this place in my life. Who the fuck would go to a hospital to eat italian food? I'm pretty confused.

EDIT: I searched Joseph's Bistro on Yelp for my area, and I can't find a single one. But when I pull up the Joseph's from your link in my area, it's listing 30 or more "Joseph's" in my area.

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I wonder if this is connected to the hospital's food service/cafeteria, but still all of this is super weird.

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I checked my town and found 6 listings. I checked all addresses for all 6 and found that they were names mostly of medical people, and all had the name JOSEPH in their name....I am wondering if JOSEPH is not a code or an ANCRONYM for something??? NP (Nurse practitioner), Physician, Catholic Church, Anesthesiology, optometrist , 1 private residence, 1 LLC

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I found 12 listed in my local city and decided to call 1 of the listed numbers. It was a dermatologists office. I think you may be on to something...

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On the original post, someone linked to an article written by a deprogrammer who goes into detail that pedosatanists use Joseph (father figure of Jesus) in a sac religious way toward their victims

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That was me.

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That's a disturbing thought re: these locations.....

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Pedosatanists also use Josef Mengele as inspiration via SRA to inflict trauma via MKUltra.

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Probably because it's a very common first name lol

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Ok, interesting I put in my state, town ect. It came up under names of my local hospital, a medical clinic and a diabetic center WTF!

*** ok so seems these listings have an association with a person/s with name Joseph! This has to be some kind of glitch guys! No way all these places are Pedo related.***

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Ding ding... yeah, I've laid out multiple explanations that this is simply a database error, but, no apparently no one wants to believe this.

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I believe you

I live in a sort of big city so there are a lot that come up. I checked them all - it's just owners with the name Joseph or Joseph in the title

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I have a subvoat for this specific topic https://voat.co/v/invisiblebistro

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