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It is very distressing that local police or FBI won't take any interest in any of this. It means that even if they care, they know they won't get support from the judges. The judiciary in this country is lost, and without a functioning judiciary we cannot get justice.

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Another Jacksonville connection -- one-half-hour away is Amelia Island which has elite connections.

"10 Places You Never Knew A-list Stars Go for Vacation"

Located in Nassau County, Florida, Amelia Island is known for its many golf courses and for its car auctions. We’re not talking about mini golf with Uncle Bob. We’re talking about a place where Bill Clinton and basketball legend, Michael Jordan choose as a golfing hot spot. As for the car auctions, we’re not talking about a public Carfax outing or about the chance to trade-in your 1998 Subaru wagon with the missing bumper. We’re talking about an event that goes on every March, where the island is infiltrated by rich car collectors. A place where one recent sale of a car cost the collector $4.5 million.

"Oprah, Kenny Chesney, John Travolta, Sean Connery — all arrived by yacht at the river town of Fernandina Beach [which is part of Amelia Island]."

Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, Paul McCartney, etc.:

Two high-end resorts, there may be more:

The Plantation:


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I really hate lawyers but I am worried about the Becks.

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Thanks I'll check it out.

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Everyone knows I'm not a fan of AJ, but this is interesting.

Hope they follow up on the info and keep this woman safe.

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Share this with everyone you know... this is from the source. It isn't a report. It isn't a possible HRC kill count. This is a lawyer who is risking everything to build these connections. She is clearly doing this as a way to get proactive attention drawn to her, to keep herself protected from this murderous scum.


Trump & Sessions - THIS is what matters. You want to MAGA? Protect this woman, protect her colleagues. Investigate these deaths and destroy these treasonous cunts once and for all.

This got me choked up... she's is scared, she's not faking this and she CLEARLY didn't even want to do it.

Kudos to Owen Shroyer too, for handling this well, and Infowars for running this.

INFOWARS NEEDS TO PRESS THIS ISSUE. We all do. It's yet another ball of string that will go completely unwound if we don't. They are literally assassinating their weak leaks. We have them on the ropes... this is it. Take them down and abso-fucking-lutely prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, publicly ridicule them, shame them, and then after years and years of trials, round all guilty parties up and do the worst you possibly can to them within the fullest, most creative application of the law.

Fuck this shit. I'm trying not to break my keyboard in half right now...

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I think we must be on the right track, peoples. This is pizzagate stuff.

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You're right!

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YES This Is Big. There are Big Names Revealed on here about the Mayo Clinic in Fla and who the Trustees are. Tom Brokaw is one, Barbara Bush is another. Whoa. Organ Transplant is involved.

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Ah Knew Mayo Clinic was dirty When you ad the names of bush , mr and mrs Well alrighty then !

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Yes Mayo and the Shriners Hospital are all dirty. The Shriners run their ads night and day using the poor little kids to pull in cash for their dirty deeds. The charities have been taken over.

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some notes

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr, found dead with head trama March 24 - found connected to the DNC lawsuit - people reached out them


1.)CONNECTION - Whisenant - J. Plotkin(sp?) - Jacksonville, FL - Plotkin was Dir St. Attorny Office in Jacksonvill 93 - 2009, until 2009 sup over 130 attoery and 300 support staff - whisenant is a jacksonville fl native, not miami (where he worked a) and/or brower county (where he was found) - grad HS in 1997 from bishop kenny hs - worked as asst st attorny w/ 4th judical circuut - plotkin and whise worked in state attonry office in jacksonville, fl at the same timeline

2.)CONNECTION - Jacksonville, FL - Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic has a hospital in Jacksonville, fl

3.)CONNECTION - Mayo Clinic - Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger - lawsuit filed 2015 in federal court in JV, FL against mayo clinc in a connection with an organ transplant case - Judge Schlesigner presided over the case

4.)CONNECTION - Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger - J. Plotkin(sp?)- Whisenant - Plotkin is Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger's son in law - Whisenant's body was recoved May 24, 2017 - Jun 8th 2017, Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger throw out the case against the Mayo clinic JV, FL on summary judgement

5.)CONNECTION - Mayo Clinic - Clinton Foundation - a number of hospitals include Mayo Clinic and St Vincent's, co-sponsered a launch event in Northeast florida in connection with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative

6.)CONNECTION - Mayo Clinic - High Govt Offical's - The ameritus public trustee of the Mayo Clinic include: Thomas J Brokaw, Barbra P Bush, Richard B Cheny, Seneator Thomas A Daschle, Paul A Boulker - Mayo Clinic services include: organ transpants, marrow transplants, blood transfusion, and genetic medicine

7.)CONNECTION - Clinton Foundation - Haiti connection

8.)CONNECTION - Klaus Eberwin - Haiti Connection - former Haitiangoverment Offical - Klaus Eberwin, July 11 2017, was found with a gun shot wound to the head - Found at 14501 South Dixie Hwy, at a Quality Inn - 7.5 miles from her office

9.)CONNECTION - Peter Smith - Mayo Clinic - Peter Smith, Propertedly took his own life, May 14, 2017 in Rodchester, MI in a hospital - Near Mayo Clinic at the Aspen Suites - The Aspen Suites is accross the street from the st mary's campus Mayo Clinic with is excluively used by patients of the hospital - Proportately left a suicide note saying no foul play, said a bad turn in health and insurnace expiring was the reason - was proportedly seraching for emails

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Item #6) I think its Paul Volcker the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, the guy must be a million years old by now.

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He's 90 - founder of Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, links with Rockefellers, the usual https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Volcker

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What an emotional interview. She is just doing what she has been trained to do - gather the facts. I think she is terrified that she could possibly be killed uncovering these bomb shell facts. She realizes this is pure evil and extremely high up the food chain.

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Hope Mrs. Beck stays safe. She discovered a lot very fast. http://archive.is/357UG

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