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OK, this is pretty incredible. Jennifer Klein disappeared in 1973 aged 3. Now DNA tests have proved that this woman, Michelle Hooper, is really Jennifer Klein. Etan Patz was a very famous case from 1979. He disappeared aged 6 and was the first missing kid to be put on a milk carton. Michelle Hooper says she was present when Etan Patz was abducted and obviously the guy who was convicted for his murder cannot be guilty. Full marks to Missing In America for pushing this and getting this amazing result.

This good news is why we do what we do.

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I just thought of something -- posting here for visibility:

If Jennifer and/or Missing in America will post documentation (I do believe Jennifer) -- then each of us could contact at least one editor of a small-town or larger newspaper.

They all/most have easy-to-find contact e-mails on the papers' sites.

I know even the town paper editors are controlled, however that is where I plan to start. This is big news.

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If you would like to tie into the Nancy Schafer part of the story, her hometown newspaper is - http://www.thenortheastgeorgian.com/ owned by Community Newspapers, Inc based out of Athens, GA - http://www.cninewspapers.com/ - They own about 25 small newspapers. Might be a good start.

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The DNA thing is a hoax. Go search and find anywhere else that says this. It is all over the missing persons organizations and they are all saying no DNA test has been done. This woman is claiming the DNA test was 100%...there is no 100% DNA match.

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NO! DNA results proved Michelle is NOT Jennifer! She sure did some scamming with the gofundme page. https://victimsnewsonline.com/2017/07/dna-excludes-woman-claiming-to-be-missing-jennifer-klein/

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How sad that someone would scam people like this.

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That is incredible. For those that do not know Nany Shafer the investigator that was murdered along with her husband for exposing CPS corruption and other missing child stories helped expose this young woman as a missing child from Utah that led to additional information on Etan Patz, the 6 year old boy made famous for being the first missing child on a milk carton which would spearhead the NCMEC founding. Her DNA tests have now been confirmed she is 100% that missing little girl long thought dead.

Regarding her story is information that Etan Patz might still be alive as well. The FBI re-opened his case in 2012 and there is a current trial underway.


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The establishment of the NCMEC was 100% planned and contrived, with these prominent kidnappings as a catalyst. It is the evil center of all government sponsored child trafficking in the United States.

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Yes agree. In fact HRC was part of establishing it. This was intentional to control the narrative. The children they want found they highlight, the ones kidnapped they hide.

HRC & Cheryl Blair (Tony Blairs wife) started ICMEC for the same reason. Their board of directors have traffickers on them.

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Yes, this x1000! There are plenty of legit threads on voat about ncmec and if we focused on this org the rats would start scurrying.

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Trial was wrapped up this year with another (bogus) conviction. The etan patz case stinks to high heaven. Parents almost immediately discounted as the perps in spite of the creepy dad's predilection for taking naked and topless pics of the boy and the odd fact that they let the boy walk to the bus stop and take the bus to school by himself for the very first time on the last day of school (what parent does that? And what school allows that?), the mom ran in home daycare (sound familiar?), they were part of the "art" scene, his siblings seem disturbed, one of the detectives on the case "committed suicide," bogus suspects that are a reach at best (one convicted, then years later decided someone else did it and got him convicted). That's just the tip of the stinky iceberg.

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in the 80s kids were still allowed to walk to school by themselves. They let him walk that last day of school because Etan wouldnt leave them alone about it and they had been "training" for it. You are an evil person to insinuate that the dad did it because of some pictures. show them to me because I couldnt find the dad naked with Etan.

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I just remembered in the article said that the teachers at the school did not report to the School Master that Etan did not show up that day for class. How very odd, but not. It seems this Kidnapping was a Perfect Storm for the Kidnapper, imo. I wonder if Jennifer remembers at all how he looked. Tall, or med or short height, black brown or blonde hair or grey. At least we could get a round about description. I cannot find how Kurt died. Still looking.

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Michelle Hooper lied! The man who murdered Etan was convicted and rightfully so. He confessed to his murder. The DNA test on Michelle hadn't been done when they claimed it was positive. It has been now and it proves she is NOT Jennifer! Do you realize there was a gofundme account set up?

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Jem777 wrote:

For those that do not know Nany Shafer the investigator that was murdered along with her husband for exposing CPS corruption and other missing child stories helped expose this young woman as a missing child from Utah

To clarify, those are two separate people named Nancy Schaefer. The one who was murdered and had exposed CPS:

The one who is living and helped expose this young woman as a missing child from Utah:

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Thanks @exposethecriminals for correcting me. When hearing Nancy Shaefer was named as being involved I believed it was the Nancy that was murdered. She was such a hero uncovering this evil. And I was overjoyed for Jennifer. Again thanks the odds of two Nancy Schafer's doing the same work is remarkable but the more the better.

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I am so confused Nancy Schaefer is still alive she is the one making the videos????

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No, they're both named Nancy Schaefer.

The Nancy Schaefer who exposed CPS, who died:

The Nancy Schaefer who is making these videos:

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While I'm so sorry Kurt Newton passed away, and I grieve for his family, otherwise this feels like the greatest day of my life. I'm so happy for Jennifer, Etan, and their loved ones. The results are announced at 4:10 in the video.

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I hope that every doctor who serviced this woman as a child after her abduction will be investigated.

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This is pretty damn amazing. I need to learn more. I heard more about Etan Patz than Jennifer. Has she said WTF happened to her? I got through about 9 of the 13 min video.

And if you are listening Jennifer - God bless you for being a brave soul and a light to others.

Let me add (for the lazy) watch this YT vid which will tell you everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWWZjMSm860

This is the best news - which I needed to hear sorely - I've had in a long time. Tear of joy for once.

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I believe Pedro Hernandez (the man sitting in jail for Etan's murder) has possibly been railroaded in the place of the person that kidnapped all three children. This person must be caught for he will help expose who these children were taken for. I believe the real kidnapper was stealing children for the perverted sexual acts of the elite. He could have been part of a ring. Thus all of it would be splashed all over the front pages and also on screens every night. The sordid crimes of the elite would be exposed. We can't have that.

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Exactly, so Hernandez was a patsy to cover up what the dirty elite have been up to. I wonder if they anticipated something coming out years ago and that's why they reopened the case. No matter what they find now, Snopes and Wikipedia will only repeat the lies that Hernandez was the killer.

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No way they anticipated this. Things are really turning around.

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Let's hope this takes hold. Hopefully it will get out there about Etan Patz still being alive.

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He'll be dead in 72 hours.

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I hope everyone can appreciate how much this revelation blows the fucking lid off this 9 month pressure cooker.

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Aint that the truth!

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This is wonderful and amazing news. There were those that doubted the story and the picture of the young girl. This type of news is always well received but it is also a strange time for the families, it takes a lot of getting use to her birth parents. I wish the very best for all of them. Also I wonder what Etan's parents are thinking now. More life changes for them too. I am hoping that things get straightened out for them and that the person sitting in jail for his murder is released. Hopefully we find Etan. Where are you Etan?

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I'd put money down that his parents are complicit. The dad is a creep.

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I know. I have thought of that before. I looked into the fact that he was a photographer which we know some pedos like to do to get close to kids.It's a possibility he did not abuse, but sold him by giving away info about Etan's path to school and the fact that he was going to buy a soda with the money he had with him. I am so hoping that they will come forward like Jennifer Klein did. I have forgotten how Kurt Newton JUST died. Hmm. That should be looked into because that is odd. He won't be able to tell his story. They had better keep Jennifer under lock and key.

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