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something seems very wrong here. ive been seeing a lot of articles like this. they are either written by someone with an incomplete grasp of our language or some kind of A.I. ive seen many examples of a.i.'s making grammar mistakes like this. the only thing i cant figure out is why.....what group wants conservatives pissed off.....oh, right.....those who want to devide and conquer.

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Seattle Times link about the same topic. The link from OP was a little hard for me to follow due to the poor editing.

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Foster parent. Molested child. Child testifies. Charges dropped. Man remains in office to run for office again.

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https://archive.is/fKloK | :

BREAKING: Powerful Democrat BUSTED For Child Rape.

'Records–that were probably destroyed–emerged and detail how Seattle Chairman Ed Murray sexually manhandled his encourage child in the 1980s. '

'The way that a solitary gay man was given authority over an encourage child indicates how fouled up liberal Oregon is. '

'CPS authorities were decisive in their evaluation that Ed Murray was liable of the wrongdoing. '

'In the 1980s, Murray was going about as a non-permanent father in the Province of Oregon. '

'Hes mishandled by a past non-permanent father before sent to live with Murray. '

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