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Sometimes, just sometimes, pizzagaters reach waaay top far trying to connect dots.

There is nothing wrong with the first 4 pictures. Sauce is also slang for alcohol (hence the wine glass) Have you ever heard of Oysters Rockefeller

Those first 5 points alone are so outlandish, I can't even bother with the rest.

Posts like these are why people think we're all fucking nuts.

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pizzagaters reach waaay top far trying to connect dots.

The dots are everywhere...and so is pizzagate....

Horse The Band - WerePizza lyrics from 2010 - "Hungry for Pizza, The CANNIBAL Feasts"


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Who you trying to bamboozle.

You looking at the same shit we are?

2nd pic dead-on pedo calling card.

Then take into context the degenerate and satanic lifestyles of the elite, and its flat out in your face.....its ppl like you that need to see a young child raped on video before you accept shit.....you'd make a useless fcking detective.

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people love their family and some dont so world look different

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Although I don't doubt they are all sick inbred pedophiles , "sauce " is also something alcohol drinkers use .

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They are saying "sauce" because it has a double-meaning for them. Pretty obvious.

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What pedo stomper said!

Once you realise the pedo culture lingo, you know exactly when you see it.

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Just to point out, hitting the sauce is a common phrase that refers to drinking alcohol, and there is a glass of wine in the photo. More concerning is the appearance of dark circles under the kids eyes, raccoon eyes is always cause for concern of abuse.

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Yep, there's a glass of wine there, and so is a little infant.

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I didn't say it was a normal situation, situation is strange, just that the use of word sauce in the comment wasn't necessarily anything besides the common usage, it's not like the "dominos on cheese or pasta" stuff that makes no sense except as code...

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‘Sauce’ is slang for alcohol and there is a glass of wine in the photo

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I wonder how much DNA are on those old rags.

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I don't know why people would put naked pictures of their toddlers on the Internet. WTF is wrong with people. Maybe they naiively do not realize or refuse to acknowledge that there are child predator pedos out there... maybe they are into it themelves. The spread legs shots are something a child should be taught not to do especially on camera and to tell a trusted adult if anyone tries to have them do it...That behavior should definitely not be encouraged. * and I agree sauce is definitely referring to alcohol here. The child is sitting at a counter that looks like a bar, in front of a glass.

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Nice work. But for point 2, clearly sauce is referring to booze....not an orgy. Ha.

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These freaks are the equivalent to landfill trash! Disgusting maggot filled putrid filth!

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I highly agree. The sauce comment could have to do with the glass of wine but some of the other photos are highly suspect and too provocative especially the first ones. The poses are not appropriate. Not at all. These people are very tricky as well when they comment and remark. The first link of the girl with her dress raised is really disgusting imo.

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According to This_Ruined_Puzza, there's nothing to see here....all is normal with taking a fcking Polaroid of your young daughter spreading her legs for the next pedo.

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