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This sounds like he was targeted, stalked, murdered and dismembered. A rental car broke down ? I find that very hard to believe. The cops say they dropped him at a rest site. That makes the Police the last people to see him alive, and the fact they are slow walking any investigation makes them very suspect.

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Is there a specific photo you're referring to at the end of your submission? The link posted just brings you to main Devil's Heaven event page

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A lot of NBC UNIVERSAL people are caught up in this shit, too. Think "Bravo" television. I remember an early Titus Frost video (last fall) showed Alefantis's followers on Twitter and Instagram, and some of the Real Housewives of DC wrre linked to JA. In addition, some of the Real Housewives of New York were at this Devils Haven event. Google GETTY IMAGES on the event. Pretty fucken scary that just about everything TV, movie, and music related is linked to this shit....

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That is probably the most simple thing about PedoGate, but at the same time the most complicated thing about it, the fact that EVERYONE is involved in one way or another.

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which RH of DC?? show only ran one season back in 2009....??

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fucking wow.... Patty Hearst ? Roger Waters ?

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Yeah same here.. Could you screenshot or point out the time in the video. Thanks @mojoben

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Abramovic video - Disturbing! Even more disturbing though, is that there are children at these events!

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There's a big satanic holiday at the end of July, so maybe they took his organs for rituals?

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Yeah i just got tip to this site. Satanic Calendar: https://www.henrymakow.com/here_is_a_list_of.html

Jul 20-26: Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax.

We should be watching where the Elites are at this time period.

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Post a reminder of this when the days come up.

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Imagine all the people around this time screaming and terrified in some dark corner of the world, waiting certain execution and nobody to hear their screams.

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Podesta is heading Utah right?

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Bohemian Grove?

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I Had the my car breakdown in the mohave desert, that is traumatic cause the weather is hot. I got towed back to Needles Az. drove again made it to Bakersfield pep boys, rented a car from enterprise to get out. But people were ok to me...chp definitely checked me out. Weirdly I had a parasol in my stuff which saved me while walking to Starbucks to catch Wi-Fi and make calls. Ryans car rental company...wtf? The cars are not supposed to break down. Last person to see him. The chip. Who is?

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This reading puts everything in perspective for ritual murder. July 27 2013 is a Satanic holiday and is also the date of this spirit cooking party. Are we a nation of laws? Christianity and Judaism (Torah) FORBIDS murder. Is hiding behind a religion acceptable to commit murder? Does being the wealthy class allow special privilege to such hideous behavior? Are we supposed to send our sons and daughters to fight wars and protect these savages who run our country?


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Where's the connection between Ran Singleton and spirit cooking?

If it's in the video, give the time he appears.

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Thanks for that.

When I first compared it to his professional shots, I thought there was no way it was the same guy. But the shot with his mother and the one at the bottom where he's wearing headphones make it a possibility. The jawline looks different, but it could be the angle. It looks like this guy has more of a receding jaw line. Also whole lower half of the face looks slightly different, but Singleton wore a mustache/facial hair and that could make his lips and chin look different. Not sure.


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That Mother sounded like a lot of Mothers. I went through something like that with my oldest son...him calling all the time in a panic because he was with the wrong type of people. He eventually grew out of it and is fine now, but what happened to her son is the stuff Moms have nightmares about! I personally think that the husband knows a lot and is scared to talk. I feel for her heartache!!!

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Here is another case of stolen organs out of Las Vegas. He legitimately died of coke but the shady funeral parlor was likely in on this one. So awful and no one really looking into any of it!


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