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Sounds to me like someone is trying to desperately distract from what that video is saying!!! The children of this world are being targeted. I think it has been planned for a long time!

We are living in a very depraved world where wrong is right, and doing, being right is detested. Scary and sad!!!

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Wow, they have no idea. This is the excuse that pedophiles use. Children cannot consent. Teen Vogue is garbage.

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Ah shit....wrong door. Didn't mean to stumble in the Rainbow Hitler club meeting. I was just looking for the head.

But since I am here, let me throw this flashbang in your meeting:

Based on the shills' use of endless biblical and religious citations, I must assume that they are arguing from a point of creation. If anything in the bible they cite is meant to be real, then the bible is real. So....Everyone is a descendant of Adam and Eve. They were creations of a God first mentioned in the Old Testament. A Jewish God. So guess what Mini-Himmlers, you are all fucking Jews. And while I'm on the subject....Hitler was a Jew too. At least by your (collective) definitions.

Although IRL, I'm sure shills are far more closely related to an ape.

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Ask the jews in israel, faghot. They do genetic testing to decide whos a jew, then tell our students race is a social construct.

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Good. They an keep dicksucking gookniggers like you from entering the country. Yay for eugenics! You're just pissed because they are smarter than you LOL.

(I thought you were a big fan of eugenics, DonkeyHole)