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There's always the "fire hose" method that guy in UK (I think) did to expose a pedo ring. Given how much of law enforcement and the media is corrupt, this may be the only way to bring the hammer of justice down.

That being to get a hacker to hijack the broadcast on a national scale -> present all the awful stuff we're finding (with context and guilty parties) all at once -> public gets so angry that they take action themselves.

There's this one obscure quote from George H.W. Bush that comes to mind. "If the people ever found out what we did, they'll hang us on the streets." Perhaps its time the elite cabal's fears be made real.

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We're aware of it. We have been watching this sicko family for a good while. The only thing we know to do about it is try to let as many people as possible aware of this sickness and try to figure out how to get masses of people to take some actions that will yield maximum public exposure which will put pressure on the people that make these. Its a touch battle because very powerful people are backing some of these things and the mainstream media is of no use. Just pitch in and try to create awareness. There is a good infographic on Frozen Else but I can't remember if I save it. We should all save it and send it to as many kindergarten teachers as we know because they will spread it with the fury of thirty thousand baby jesuses.

Its the best route I can think of for mass exposure at the moment. Get enough of those women pissed off and something might happen because they will spread it among themselves.

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Everyone listen to this person, for they are right. The people are asleep and the need to be woken. The teachers and Moms of the little ones are the ones that will get this stuff going viral if we get enough of THEM going. If you know little kids send their teachers this or if you know teachers as well. They are a fierce bunch is all I can tell you.

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There is plenty of information available now on this guy, including phone numbers, address, etc. He is apparently Gregory Paul Chism, 208 Briarwood Drive, Granite City, IL, the owner of ToyFreak/Freak Media. Here is the Madison County, IL property record for the business address of Freak Media: http://imgur.com/a/xkGPy Chism bought the property from Rodney E. Chism a couple of years ago. More research is outlined and documented in a recent Voat thread: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1994082

The instagram comments above calling him Greg almost certainly confirm that he is indeed company owner Chism and not an employee of the company. They also identify him as having had a previous profession or business in mowing lawns.

He also appears to be a trader on a GI Joe website called yojoe.com under the handle flatland-4-life and with email flatland4life@charter.net http://forums.yojoe.com/showthread.php?t=1267

Now we have phone numbers, email address, residence address. Anyone who wants to talk to him has options.

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This was in the comments section of their youtube. https://ibb.co/gyHanv

So I googled the word she used "pedopholise" only 1 result given and I found this insane post. http://archive.is/cKrOM https://m.facebook.com/ORF/posts/815777231904024

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I don't see anything wrong with the pictures and what people said, what am I missing? The Freak daddy thing is weird.

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Grown ass adults mainly men commenting that the girls are cute. blind cunt

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No need for name calling. So they are saying the girls are cute, you never had anyone say that about you when you were little?