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Child beastilality? How sick can these fucks get? I hope they burn in hell.

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stock up on hollow points

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Makes me want to 'misapply' my 'self-defense' rounds.

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Not until they're tortured in the most horrific way.

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By the childrens families. (if they can be found)

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Earlier today, only 15 or 16 names and mugshots had been released.I wrote to the reporter and tweeted the PD asking why the other 5-6 mugshots and names were not released. According to the reporter, they tried, but couldn't get them from the cops & can't get an explanation of why.

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Where do these children come from??

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Remember the thousands upon thousands of "unaccompanied minors" who were encouraged to flood across the border, most of whom were lost to followup or placed with often questionable adults?

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"Fresh tortillas flown in from Mexico yesterday" "and a suckling pig"

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Also, lots of shipping connections among the elite - think Ghislaine Maxwell's Terra del Mar, private yachts, international waters, Ted Heath drowning kids off the Jersey coast etc. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1478968

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I saw that comin when they were saying how the government was tryin to find homes for these kids (they define kids as young as 3 to 19) but i knew the sickos, and their handlers were gonna be happy

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Having seen and experienced what mexicans can do to civilized cities, I find it impossible to sympathize with their plight, even if those are lil' beaners.

It sucks that political elites are almost all pedos, but I don't give a fuck if it's coloureds they harm.

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Probably outside the US, and probably filmed/photographed there.

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They pretty much have "farms" of kidnapped women that they force to birth children.

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He is ex-CIA I believe who has turned on them. He knows the truth and as outlandish as this might seem to you this truth. He has videos going back several months exposing The HRC/Bush Whitehouse and FBzi retaliated by leaking to the press or Aon accounts. This has been written before but people attacked his character. He has never been false and alleged to have seen a brief view of the "tapes" Trump tweeted out after he was fired. Which he released to NYT to ensure a special prosecutor would be hired. Mueller & Comey & McCabe are best buddies. His leaks to the NYT are classified and he just violated federal law and presidential executive power he is screwed. He knows about 9/11 and the mujahadden infiltration. So does Comey and McCabe...who helped cover it up.

The news agencies are bought and paid for and would not dare speak out against Sharia Law for few of significant followers.

The Obama machine must be paralyzed. The operatives have been quiet or hired to Washington Post & CNN.

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I honestly believe Williams is telling the truth about the Comey tape ... and he makes the point that he did not view the part with the kids but he did see Comey and Prince Andrew. Having followed him (and he's usually just fun to watch) I cannot believe he is lying. I would bet he does have FBI contacts as he says. He's the one youtube "pizzagate personality" that doesn't make pizzagate the only thing he talks about. When it comes to child molesters he gets awfully serious.

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Do you have a link in regards to Comey/ Prince Andrew info?

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Why don't we have a president like the Philippinos, who encourages civilians to shoot suspected or convicted perps on sight?

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Because due process and constitutional principles.

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That's really working well though

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Love him !

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I love this guy. Well said I say! All legally though!

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he certainly has a way with words

thanks for vid

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