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This is a valuable post, it should get more attention. Post it again in a day or two. There is so much shill crap today distracting everyone.


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Now I'm going to ignore my own standards and post from the Gamergate Pedo File which does not have sources for most of its claims.

  • Ben Kuchera: "Pedophilia isn't a moral wrong, its societal. Your society says its wrong, there's does not. Why get upset about it?"
  • Alison Rapp's thesis
  • Nathan Larson of Child Liberation Wiki
  • Valis77 was caught "corrupting a minor", we don't know the age difference
  • HannibalTheVictor also "corrupting a minor"
  • "some other guy who went after Nackt on Twitter a few months ago" - this is why we like archives

and other people in pedo-related industries

  • Dan Olson's gang was accused of posting loli on 8chan to get its domain revoke
  • Del Harvey runs Twitter's corrupt moderator unit and used to work for Chris Hanson's pedo hunter show
  • Neal Rauhauser worked for an anti-pedo police unit


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I'm going to ask for evidence of these claims...

high level democrat politicians,

silicon valley and

new york venture capitalists

and in some cases terror groups.

Anita sarkesian was connected to DIgra, and

it was from this connection that she was able to get into the "twitter trust and safety council".

the CEO of twitter is a friend of the Clintons, and did fund raising for Hillary.

One place to start is the Gamergate wiki's DiGRA page


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Nyberg joked about using FFShrine as a grooming forum. “We use FFShrine to lure unsuspecting kiddies into our gingerbread house,” she writes at one point. But there are also signs that she wasn’t joking, as elsewhere in the logs she says: “other girls at FFshrine have talked to me about really young masturbation stuff in private.”

Nyberg entertains ambitions of having children herself one day, telling the chat room in 2007 that she “want[s] kids eventually. Being a mom.” She regularly talked about the possibility of adoption, sharing with others that she would try and “secure a single parent adoption” although she added that “trannyness + pedoness might complicate that.”


Alice is a pseudonym, which we are using to protect the identity of Nyberg’s cousin. Nyberg specifically names her then 8-year-old cousin using the latter’s real name and describes in detail how they are related. Using the information Nyberg posted online we were easily able to locate and contact Alice’s parents, who said they knew nothing about these logs but had made sure that Nyberg and their daughter had never been left alone together. Alice’s father preferred not to elaborate on why he and his wife took the decision to make sure Nyberg, then called Nicholas and living as a twentysomething man, was never given unsupervised contact with Alice, 8.

As the following logs reveal, ten years ago a then-twentysomething Nyberg developed an obsession with Alice, when the latter was just 8 years old.

“I used to think 5/6/7 was too young, but Alice changed my mind,” Nyberg writes.


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Very interesting