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This is all very real. Noticed the hints, clues amd listened to these guys telling us the truth WELL BEFORE pizzagate. Watched them killed as revenge for speaking out. Its odd how the idiots dont realize that by murdering their enemies that they are making the claims seem true.

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They don't care if the claims seem true. They have their protectors. But there will come a day when that won't matter. All of the people that closely followed their music are becoming red pilled. They will go from hundreds to thousands to the millions. Spread the Word.

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it's already happening in front of our eyes. I can't tell you how many times I have been reading other forums, news stories or random web pages lately and noticed sooooo many people coming to the conclusion that the whole "Illuminati" "new world order" schtick is/was really just a pedophile ring making themselves seem mystical and powerful. People are coming to the same conclusions that we as a group have arrived at . its only a matter of time now until it all comes crashing down on their wierd asses and "they" know it.

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What's crazy is how people are SO brainwashed and under mind control, even people who are fans of Pac, Pimp-C, Prodigy, and the like, even a lot of those people don't believe in the secret societies. Its like, okay, so Tupac dedicates an entire album (including the title) to the concept, but it's just complete bullshit? Wake up people, damn. These rappers were trying to tell you something other than "get high, fuck bitches" and you weren't paying any attention.

Also, you will notice how 99% of rappers these days are completely materialistic, never talking about anything real, just being goofy monkey ass negroes as Pimp-C would put it. It's because they know the deal by now, based on what happened to these guys. Talk Truth, Get Killed.

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You're spot on. Tupac, Pimp C and Big came from the projects. They cared about the black community and were spokesmen for their black brothers. They kept it real. The new hip hop are manufactured pretty boys who know to keep their mouths shut and NEVER speak up for the black man.

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I also feel like race relations were going in a better direction until modern "trap" music came along and started creating a new generation of what I would call "hyper thugs," people who are getting into the idea of drug dealing and murdering people when they're seven, eight years old. Trap music along with all the other factors of living in the hood is creating very violent black youth.

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Yep, I too have noticed that no rappers these days talk about the struggles of their people. None of them tackle the difficult stuff, which is what rappers used to do. Nowadays they're dressed in preppy clothes and NEVER talk about the hood and the plight of the black people.

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Because they don't want the Brotherhood to smack them down and give them the Kanye treatment.

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OP link this to the mobb deep Prodigy death thread! IMPORTANT!!! Prodigy spoke about the sacrifices and raping if kids two years ago he made a tweet in 2014. He died a few weeks ago. We need a list of red pilled celebrities and MSM to show the world and truth!

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Don't forget the artist known as Prodigy from Mobb deep same thing a few weeks ago.

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And Kanye for trying. I think he has been silenced for good. Unless something wares off and he takes to the stage again to tell it to the people. If they let him get on the stage again.

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Yeah not a Kanye fan but that was some crazy shit and I really felt sorry for him.

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If Kanye ever has a breakdown again, they'll kill him while he's in 5150 hold, or shortly thereafter. He already pushed their buttons, and I'm sure if he does it again, someone higher up in the chain will say "kill that damn nigger already" and that'll be it for him.

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You know if he wasn't as big a moneymaker he'd be dead right now

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The elite are trying to get the masses to accept pedophilia and other perversions as soon as possible, so that they will have little to no resistance.

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Upvoat for this.

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Yes, UPVOATS are in order. I truthfully believe in this.

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I always wondered if Kurt Cobain was offed for similar reasons. He seemed so intelligent and had amassed a very big following.

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In Kurts case they say there was enough heroin in that needle to kill 3 seasoned junkies. Why would he put so much in there? I never believed that he did.

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Courtney love had him killed and there is a great documentary on that subject. Either way I doubt his death had anything to do with illuminati

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Same withPhilip Seymour Hoffman. At that level, somebody has to give you a hot batch. Cobain however, suposedly blew his head off with a shotgun. Rediculous.

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