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"they aren't gonna give up"

They don't have a choice at this point. Jeff Sessions has them check mated. Sessions has the goods on Hillary Clinton and James Comey. They'll turn everyone else in. White people snitch.

In fact White People love to see other White People arrested.

It's Howdy Doody Time.


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"Sessions has the goods on Hillary Clinton and James Comey." I am still reeling from the video of Steve Pieczenik where he played the Howdy Doody clip and how the bandit got away then the guy is shown in stripes. Comey knew exactly what he was saying and Trump. Sessions has the tapes. Oopsie!

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i fucking pray you are right, i can die peacefully knowing the pedos are ended

-28 yr old

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The number right now is at least 23. I'm thinking after the Deep State killed that Federal Prosecutor in Florida and then shot Steve Scalise it's going to be a lot more than 23.

We're talking Nuremberg Trials here.

Muahahahhaaa. I hate Nazis.


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tory smith .....now dead--------called out sessions ( and pence) as pedofiles. if that is true how far do you think this will go?

if not ture------------I still think scalise will die as the best predictor or future behavior is past behavior

no where to run

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Tory Smith was really sick in the end. I wouldn't believe anything he said. I remember seeing one of his videos and said he had been raped all night by "galactics" whatever that means.

I think he was on chemotherapy and couldn't think straight.

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This is total BS!

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They need a reason to keep him going under the knife so they can blunder his life. They are going to murder him with surgery.

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Dr. Jack Sava is the same guy who treated Seth Rich right? What the hell... could it be any more obvious? Is he the only surgeon in D.C.?

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ok wait he could be the E. R. doctor that would make sense right however trump flew over there and appointed his personal physician to Scalise case

safe for now

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Is this a new revelation from Sava? He did an interview a few days ago - is this just reheated?

See: Seth Rich doctor Jack Sava is on TV right now press conference about Scalise! by @LA_Trump


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Great news! And I wouldn't take anything the old bitch Pelosi has to say seriously. She'll wax poetic about Scalise, and in the next second, go off on how the left are victims and it isn't fair they're being blamed and wah wah wah wah waaahhhh!

As for not giving up, they may be forced to. If this Podesta thing really is true .... and does have legs ... be prepared for it to lead to all kinds of places. Then there's the ton of stuff the feddies took from Huma's brother and sister's place in Michigan was it? You don't know where that's leading either. Come on #TEAMTRUMP!!!!

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What Podesta thing are you referring to?

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Referring to the Jack Posobiec tweet stating that the case against him has been opened.

Yeah, I know, I know. These "things" rarely pan out, but I want this to be true an Jack has been on a roll.

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I don't understand why his family don't get him out of that hospital!! If I were his wife or family I would be calling Trump, saying that I wanted him OUT of there and flown to a hospital of MY choice with a doctor of MY choice.

While Scalise is in that hospital, Savas can ensure that he continues to deteriorate--a 'mistake' while under general anaesthetic, a 'nick' here or there, changing his meds even slightly, putting something into his intravenous drip that is undetectable--the possibilities are endless.

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Sounds like Scalise is a hostage at this point.

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just like seths family, the gov keeps the family uninformed he does have a new doctor------trumps

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POTUS needs to Med fly his ass out of there! You know he's gonna die .