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This is either

1) The Deep State saber rattling to scare Trump.

2) Trump and the Military preparing for telling the America Public the truth about 9/11.

If I had to guess it's 1) because the Deep State did a very similar thing when they ran Jade Helm. The Deep State needs to gently remind everyone we live in a Fascist Police State now. Otherwise people would act silly and stuff thinking we are a country of laws and not men.

But have no fear fellow Deplorables. The Deep State could out do Adolf Hitler in their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Just look at their genius decision to have Shrillery run for President. You get my point.

It's all over but the cryin'. Personally I'm kind of going for the slow motion Deep State implosion now. I was impatient before but watching these psychotic ass clowns fuck up on a daily basis is proving great entertainment.


In the unlikely event any of the Deep State's hired help is reading this please see my post Chuck Colson and me. When your conscience slips out of the hand cuffs and leg irons then kicks open the closet door you locked him in the House of Cards comes tumbling down you'll have some very long nights. Chuck Colson's story can help you keep things in focus. We all make mistakes. But God will take you back into the fold no matter what. All you have to do is believe.