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My head is going to explode. Here we go again. Anything the Cabal is orchestrating or putting out there is a Tangled Web. This starts out as a disgruntled shooter and now we have him as an abuser, as possible publicity stunt, etc. I am not dissing your post. I think it could be possible. We have seen all kinds of impossibilities come true. Upvoat for your research.

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"hey we got the shooter we got the shooter"----oh now we cant ask him questions.....

hate when that happens

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Yeah, the good guys can't ask questions. The bad guys have all the answers. But they have really messed up lately. I think that is why everything seems so discombobulated. Maybe they are flying by the seat of their pants. Making stuff up day by day. That is why things seem so muck and mired. Also, we are finding many clues so they are not that smart. They seem to have thugs working for them now.

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Good research. Compelling evidence against child and family services FOR SURE. Thank you.

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Here's a story I ran across relating to Belleville. Unfortunately, it's an all too familiar story with a child dead. I hope the outcomes of the other children were better.


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Dude, this girls alleged father is Jason Quate. He was arrested in Vegas for child trafficing and prostitution. He forced his wife, Elizebeth Odell-Quate into prostituition. Apparently he confessed to killing his daughter Alysha Quate. I also read stuff about child pornography.

Get this, Jason Quate's brother, Jeremy Quate, was a police officer at Hillsdale, MO. He couldn't even buy a gun due to record. He was charged with burglary when he was 16. Also he was charged for stealing some prescription pills from the evidence vault in 2014.

Crazy stuff here: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/father-of-girl-whose-body-was-found-in-centreville-says/article_665d5d45-07f7-5399-b770-36fbafc2cf6f.html https://ihavethetruth.com/2014/06/16/cop-cant-buy-a-gun-or-ammunition-in-illinois/ http://fox2now.com/2014/10/01/flordell-hills-officer-charged-with-stealing-possession-of-a-controlled-substance/

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I read the first link.....i urge ppl to read it...its horrifying and heartbreaking....couldnt read it all.....kudos to the investigators for bringing this to the public...im proud of such journalis

Aftet reading the article you realise child services are useless fcking cunts....supposed to be the gold standard and first line of best support for children, but its infested with stupid cunts lacking zero sense and ownership and welfare....i dont doubt its full of pedophiles and complicit criminals given the volume of failings

We are in trouble ppl...the children have zero chance

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The guy that did the shooting was abusive to 2 of his foster daughters, one even set herself on fire.

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Or he set her on fire. Do we have proof that she did it to herself? IDK. He is capable, imo since he did what he did yesterday.

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That's exactly what I was getting at, I bet he killed her because she was going to talk and then he made it look like she set herself on fire.

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Yeah, you're on here for an hour and already advancing ridiculous fantasies.

Just what we need .... more shills.

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Hey look into this journalist. This is crazy. I don't expect anyone to believe my hypothesis, but this Belleville writer appears to be legit and there was 53 child deaths when they were under protection of illinois department of child and family services

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I took out the speculative part. Please just help investigate here