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Even better, mate!

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Her and her doppelganger!

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LOL! This!!

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FBIAnon said Muhammad Yunus was very important.

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Do you remember where that was - any link?

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worked with Dr. Muhammad Yunus to alleviate poverty in South East Washington DC


I sit on the board of Grameen America and I know the Clintons know M Yunus well. You would not have thought that the U.S. would need microcredit but it does. Millions of people lack access to credit. We now have about 33000 members in about 20 locations around the country with approximately $32 million in loans outstanding. Almost all of the borrowers are women and the payback rate is 99.5 pct.


and Muhammad Yunus, chairman of Yunus Social Business — Global Initiatives.


CGI University · Confirmed program participants for CGI U 2013 include: Sal Khan, Jack Dorsey, Stephen Colbert, and Muhammad Yunus.


Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Chairman, Yunus Centre; and more to be announced...


According to Kumar, people in Dhaka speculate that the U.S. arranged for Yunus to win the Nobel Prize to enhance his political credentials. Although he professed that he did not subscribe to the allegations, Kumar stated that he wanted the U.S. to know that the rumors were rife in Dhaka.


A Quick Look Back 2009 was quite a year for us and we are grateful to all those who helped us make it happen-our clients, the writers with their fresh ideas, our friends in the publishing world, our wonderful team who help us produce events and our two bookstore partners, Politics & Prose in Washington DC and the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA. A big thank you to all!

Last year we jumped into the public event business with gusto. Our team learned a great deal and we could not help but notice that the 2009 event "bookends" set the tone for what HBE believes in and supports. In February, we welcomed Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Creating a World without Poverty) and we closed in December with Greg Mortenson (Stones into Schools) - both were sell-outs and drew amazing interest and support. Both men are working tirelessly to educate and support women and girls of all ages in impoverished and dangerous parts of the world. It was an honor to work with them and we plan to continue supporting their ideas -small loans over bailouts and books over bombs!


Sudan agreed to release long-delayed NEC containers beginning the morning of April 29 with all in country released by the end of the week. The Sudanese are also clearing up any remaining UNAMID shipment backlog in anticipation of a continuing dialogue with the US, the MFA's Under-Secretary explained.

In the absence of FM Alor, CDA Fernandez met with MFA Under-Secretary Mutriff Siddiq on April 27 to discuss a range of bilateral issues including the Rome talks, NEC containers, visas and embassy security. CDA presented contents of reftel A to Siddiq and read to him the section on US reciprocal steps in return for releasing NEC containers (OFAC license for mortgage for new Sudanese property in Washington and OFM permission to renovate existing property). Siddiq said that this was not what was agreed to in Rome and "you can check with those on the U.S. side who were there." Sudan's main problem in Washington was not the properties but banking issues. CDA referred Siddiq to reftel's points on banking and forcefully suggested that this is the best Sudan could hope for and stated that he needed an affirmative answer from the Sudanese before OOB Washington time on April 28.

Later in the day, Siddiq called back after checking with Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie who agreed that the order will be given as of the morning of April 29 to release containers held in Khartoum with the rest from Port Sudan to follow later in the week...

Siddiq said that, as a participant, he thought the talks had gone extremely well and that the American side had been pleasantly surprised about how ready and flexible the Sudanese side was to solve problems. Let's be frank, he added, "the required steps towards improving relations and getting what you want, will be harder for you to do than for us."

"Someone must have explained to him our psychology," he laughed pointing to the Charge, because "he approached us in Rome in just the right way."

They had attempted to clear up delayed UNAMID shipments at Port Sudan and discovered from UNAMID Administrative Chief Muhammad Yunus that there are no back-logged UNAMID shipments, except for one shipment for the Rwandans which arrived with absolutely no documentation. Yunus reportedly admitted that this was the UN's fault and is preparing the appropriate paperwork.

The Under-Secretary said that "even though some of us wonder how far or how quickly you Americans are willing to go," the Sudanese were ready to keep talking and trying to solve issues of concern of the American side. He said Sudan would have a detailed list of their own specific "asks" for the USG for the next meeting related to specific sanctions cases and other matters.

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This woman has been the subject of more investigations than Jack the Ripper. When is the shit going to finally stick to this slippery bitch?

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She's teflon

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I don't wanna imagine how many kids were sacrificed by this bitch to get where she is.

Devil personified.

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Teflon Clinton

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Of course she threatens an IRS audit. Our country is corrupt to the core.

Given my tax money is being used to create and maintain this corrupt system, I'm so ready to refuse paying anymore. I don't support this shit.

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Did you guys know that it seems that Jason Chaffetz is going to start working at Fox News?!

Jason Chaffetz appears on 'Fox and Friends. Is this a tryout for rumored new gig?

Chaffetz About to Quit Congress for Fox News

Jason Chaffetz Does Not Deny That He’s Headed to Fox News

That should be interesting.

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Might as well leave office because he never gets anything done. He says a lot of wonderful crap but no body is going to jail.

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Well as long as he is exposing the truth, how to proceed after that is out of his hands. What's hard is, if we don't know his motives or who he's really with, we won't know if he's purposely going to turn things around and head us in the wrong direction. He's discrediting KimDotCom now and calling him a fraud. If he starts leaning towards Russia and Trump collusion, then that will answer my question. He says he sold his house to fund this investigation! But, he doesn't want donations or the reward money to compensate for that? Yeah right! 🙄

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Going to be part of the controlled opposition...

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Yep. That's what I'm afraid of.

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I hope they keep the investigations coming on Hillary Clinton there is so much evil she needs to be held acountable for. When she is wearing an orange jumpsuit or a black And white one looking like the hamburglar. America can start recovering from her evil. Like

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Yup, this is important, vert important. FNI anon said months ago, it's all about the Clinton Foundation and their corruption. Giustra has been busy plugging holed but there is only so much you can try to cover up

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Can you share links to this?

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Shit, this might explain that shilling from the other day.

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