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What does it matter? wikileaks has gave enough info that if the state wasn't completely subverted, trials and mass arrest would have commenced long ago. The very arm of justice that is supposed to hold criminals accountable is involved in the crime/coverup. There is nothing that can ever be released that would ever compel the system to arrest itself. Overthrow the entire government and jail all the criminals or don't. Until then, "everybody gets the truth, nobody goes to jail.


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It matters... Hide and watch...

I would totally agree with you if I did not believe in God. Seriously.

Ya I know. it would take a miracle.😃


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There's just as much likelihood of Santa swooping down from the sky and delivering us from all this evil that suffocates the Earth. If we were to look at 'God's' track record thus far it doesn't exactly fill one with optimism and hope. There's only one 'being' that has the power to end this stranglehold of degenerate evil, and that's human 'beings'. To put faith in anything other than ourselves will spell our ultimate destruction.