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Wait a second.

Thelemites are Dichotomous? You do realize one of the core principles of Crowely's philosophy was Unity through the mutual destruction of opposites, yes? You do understand what "dichotomist" means, right?

You destroy all your credibility multiple times as far as knowledge of the topic at hand goes. You've really taken your mind into a twisted place of confusion, or you are knowingly posting this garbage for whatever effect. Please stop spouting off this nonsense.


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Yes this is contradictory to the self-portrayal of Thelema retailed to the public from which new members must be drawn. You've clearly fallen victim to the false narrative.

Not only is the religious-philosophical ideology Thelema totalitarian, but also the emotional attitude, the value conceptions, the opinions about being chosen, the rôle identifications, the projected unfair fate of the Thelemites and the assumption of the justified predominance over non-Thelemites derived from all of these considerations. Viewed politically, this is expressed in all political orientations resulting from an anti-democratic perspective.

"The Medusa's Head", John Symonds' novel about an alleged meeting between Hitler and Crowley, Thame, England, 1991. 350 numbered copies only.

Crowley could be regarded as a political opportunist chumming up with anyone anywhere, and running the business of his religion (Thelema) for his private amusement. However, the more he failed with his political ambitions and his utopian endeavours, the more he flaunted himself as the founder of a religion.

Crowley attracted fanatics from all walks of life. He was a prig (not only in respect of his political views), who had assembled a religion for self styled outsiders. One would be hard put to regard this religion as either philantropical or democratic. Thelema always aspires to turn into a state religion, nevermind of which state, i.e. its founder tried to ingratiate himself with his religion to anything state-like, no matter how totalitarian or radical it was. For him, the main issue was the presence of an anti-christian element. The amazing thing about those efforts is that Thelema and the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) did not want to substitute christianity but return it to its original condition. Thus Crowley wrote in 1944, entirely along Theodor Reuss’ lines that it was the task of the O.T.O "to restore Christianity to its real status as a solar-phallic religion".

Crowley had connections to communist characters. His totalitarian streak could blend with the "right" or the "left," and both "right" and "left" if pursued to extremes verge into shades of the totalitarian. In this sense one can call him a fascist but one could equally call him a communist, and he was neither in the final analysis. However, it is obvious that some misanthropic elements can be found in the biography of Crowley, in the concept of Thelema and in the instructions for members of the O.T.O. and its environment. We will thus concentrate on the most evident examples and protagonists. And who else can be found in this milieu: the occult racists. And the rôle models.

Occult organisations are frequently faced with the reproach of cherishing Right Wing extremist ideas; not least because of Aleister Crowley’s distinction between "ordinary" humans who are compared to dogs - and who serve - and a superior class of human gods, who rule the dogs.

Crowley's 1937 idea of the commercial utilization of the Swastika on porcelain cups and his suggestion to discuss Thelema “as the base for the Nazi new order” [diary entry dated 5th May 1936] indicate the assumption of a totalitarian conviction by Crowley.

On the other hand, after the National Socialist seizure of power, more than two dozen Lodge-like organisations, including occult groups, were forbidden. The 1937 circulated decree of the SS Reichsführer was the political conclusion of Nazi propaganda against freemasons and similar organizations. The Gestapo was given the order to dissolve all forbidden groups which they had not already targeted.

Can you speak German?


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Well I am impressed at how you can write so much and say so little. Even bothering to copy and paste bits from your first post again, well done. You're free to draw your own conclusions of Crowely anyway you please, but your artistry seems rudimentary.

You seem to be well studied, but somehow you simultaneously seem to have overshot and come up short of the mark. Perhaps you have fallen victim to your own false narrative.