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  • James Alefantis and David Brock are Luciferians. It has been confirmed they had paintings of Moloch in their house.
  • David Brock and James are friends with the NY cohort of the Rothschilds.
  • Saul Alinsky is Brock's idol and dedicated rules for radicals to Lucifer
  • they provide Democrat propaganda for news stations around the world. Notice word patterns among leftist publications
  • they or ICMEC were origin of Fake News Story, but Koons is known to Alefantis and Brock.
  • The same person who designed NCMEC logo designed Comet Logo
  • Media Matters is partly run by CFR, Open Society, Owl/Minerva and more.
  • they are fucking pedophiles and child killers.


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I forget who said it but someone who worked with him compared his personality to Mugatu from Zoolander.


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Media matters 501c3 status has been under threat for many years, if they lost it they would be liable for back tax on all earnings since they opened, needless to say even with deep pockets it would end them overnight. Simply google "media matters losing their 501c3 status" the articles are too numerous and speculative to list.

Thats their weak point, hit em and hit em hard.


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There's a good amount about them in Andrew Breitbarts twitter account and I'm assuming his book, I'd start there


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JP helped setup Media Matters, founded by David Brock, and made the resources of CAP available to David Brock.

Side note - HRC was an early adviser to MM and Soros was a large sponsor.

Speculative side note - TP knew JA 2004 and JP knew DB in 2004, I would bet thats how they got together through the Podestas.

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1478825 & https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1504312


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head over to /pol and ask. There's probably plenty of info among them


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Oh I must have hit a nerve if a troll stirred his ugly head.

Guys, you'll back me up if this threat is for real, right?


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Yeah, his mom is going to take his computer.


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I posted about this on a previous thread : https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1882387/9241821

http://archive.is/bZhK3 (ALL CONSPIRACIES GREAT AND SMALL 2011)

"In an effort to explain why the jury in the Kenny Gladney trial took less than the time it takes to watch an episode Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to return with a verdict of GTFO, Andrew Breitbart’s crack team of trained bonobos have been working day and night and even through their naptimes to explain what malignant force in the universe has the power to not only corrupt our system of justice but also to defy the laws of time and space and physics and no rights turns on a red.

Who could these space monsters be?

"Media Matters for America."

"Yes, when SEIU doesn’t get what they want by unleashing their purple-clad beserkers on unsuspecting Real Americans, SEIU turns to DAVID'S BROCK Media X-Men to do the behind the scenes “BLACK OPS” work. No, really:

It’s no surprise that the tax-exempt Media Matters regularly features publishes proven-false propaganda pieces as “news,” and it’s no surprise that the site, led by Eric Boehlert, came out hard to spin and defend on behalf of SEIU. What Media Matters and Eric Boehlert have not disclosed is that they were paid by SEIU for UNKNOWN services and it begs the question of whether or not they were paid to help cover up SEIU’s mess in the Gladney incident.

Something to think about.

Posted by @Votescam in response to my comment:

Info about the Kenny Gladney case and verdict - - https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2011/07/13/the-kenneth-gladney-charade-collapses/181483 both sides ... http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2011/08/04/blood-money-how-seiu-and-media-matters-stole-justice-from-kenneth-gladney-2/

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