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You courageous souls are awesome! Equineluvr took a parting shot at me again but had to delete.

For those that seem upset at KimDotCom it is surprising. Realize that what he did was put the entire US government on notice including the "special counsel" who is supposed to be investigating Russia for hacking the DNC. Trump fired Comey because he knows it is a lie. KimDotCom stated through Attorney's that he has evidence that Seth Rich is the leaker because of corruption. Seth is murdered he named Special Counsel Mueller openly to provide safe passage to personally testify.

He is offering to testify on a capital murder case of a political assasination in the US with direct evidence. If Mueller does not immediately stop the fake Russia investigation and realize this is a capital murder case it is over. He must do this. That will force pedogate, HRC emails, CIA lies, FBI collusion, all of it. Stick with it do not get discouraged. Kim is one part all of you citizens are the majority. DC is paranoid and being watched.


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Yup, you're completely right. People need to realize that KimDotcom is an adult, and he did what any adult in his position would do, and talked to LAWYERS before making his big statement. I'm sure he wanted to say more, but his lawyers told him what he could say without screwing himself over & putting himself in severe, life-changing legal danger. Ignoring the advice of his legal council would be absolutely terrible idea. People who are criticising him need a crash course in how the real world works!


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I'm 100% with you on this.


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It's absolutely IMPERATIVE that this is done properly and delicately. This could be the smoking gun that brings it all down. I mean let's be real here, if DC POLICE are responsible for covering not just one crime, (pizzagate), not just two crimes, (Anthony Weiner laptop) BUT 3 major high profile crimes, the truth about the coverup of Seth Rich's murder will most likely destroy everything, FAKE NEWS Russia Narrative will cease to exist and people will be going to jail. I am praying for the light to be finally shined on the hell hole called DC...


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Absolutely !!!