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Guests at the retreat. will have briefing in the am or later tonight

This email was from tflournoy11@g***l to JP and bfallon@hillaryclinton.c0m

Brian Fallon

Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes were on the attached guest list along with tony and heather podesta.

Here's a direct link to the attachment.

It appears that tony and heather brought a guest. Sava and Kountoupes are listed as a couple.

Ed moody is bringing his daughter? No one else mentioned kids.

There are around 183 people listed. What retreat are they going to? It was at Martha's Vineyard.

This is who sent the email. Hartina "Tina" Flournoy Search her name.


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Ties to Bill Clinton for Tina Flournoy..

Ties to CLINTON executive services Office

Listed as number 28 on list of CLINTON operatives hierarchy


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MV DSCC is Martha's Vineyard Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.