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" I'm definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it."

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What was the timeline between that and Seth Rich's murder?

I'm guessing not as close as the "wetworks" email and Scalia being offed?

Even so, Skippy does seem to attract "coincidences"

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Hmmm, Feb 2015 which is well before Seth Rich's obvious murder. Nice catch.

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This is going to blow a massive hole in the "Russia Did It" mantra that the Dems have been singing about for over a year. It's clearer why the DNC would not let the FBI look at their computer when the possibility of a hack came out. Also, it looks like Rich's parents are finally believing the Dems "Breitbarted" their son because they hired a PI to do DCPD's job. Tomorrow morning I can't wait to see if any of the MSM even bothers to discuss.

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Globalist fake news MSM seems to be pushing even harder the Russian angle doing everything in their power to keep this front and center. I hope more info comes out about Seth Rich that they are forced to cover it. It's amazing watching this unfold and people are STILL believing CNN or MSNBC.

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COMMERICALLY-CONTROLLED MEDIA. msm doesn't describe it well enough.

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They'll never give up their "Russia Did it".

However, U.S. intelligence officials believe Russia hacked into the DNC and allowed that information to be sent to WikiLeaks.

Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/murdered-dnc-staffer-seth-rich-had-sent-44000-internal-emails-to-wikileaks-report/article/2623186

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Well, there's also the other favorite - Muslims did it. Maybe they'll try this one next.

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Muslim Russians!! Oh shit, plot twist. From muh Russians to muh-slim Russians.

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Exactly! Get the normies to ask about it and WE'VE WON!

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R.I.P Seth Rich..thank you for your loyalty to America and her peoples.

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The last step will be to simply talk about it. At the rate this is going and with the current political climate expect big things: both good and bad. I wouldn't be surprised at all if a false flag were to take place. Everyone needs to be on high alert.

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There's another huge point ... another elephant in the room. It's that a story in the WaPo is identified as damaging and the first damaging hit on the Cannibal Queen. Now spring ahead until now ... who's working for the WaPo and controlling it? That's right ... Skippy Pedosta.

They're like an infestation. If they see something that doesn't go along with their narrative, they infiltrate it and control the beast from within.

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Murder and a kiddie fucker.

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