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David "Plastic Jesus" Rothschild?

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Aaaaand its deleted...

note: we cannot have a simple exploration/investigation in to James Alefantis true genealogy...

So what are (((they))) hiding?...if there is nothing there then lets have an open discussion about James Alefantis background...but if there is some Rothschild connection then of course these threads will be deleted.

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Unbelievable. I've been looking for this thread for days. It was deleted so fast and apparently it's not searchable if deleted.

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This makes a lot of sense but why hide part of the family? Was there an illegitimate child

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Yes and who were they having these kids with? Other Rothschilds probably. That is why they are so odd and gargoyle looking. Can;t have any blood mixing with those nasty commoners.

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Name: Louis George Alefantis [Louis G Alefantis] SSN: 106054557 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 21 Jan 1915 Birth Place: Buffalo, New York Death Date: 4 Nov 2001 Father: George L Alefantis Mother: Zaharo D Rores Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Dec 1936: Name listed as LOUIS GEORGE ALEFANTIS; 07 Nov 2001: Name listed as LOUIS G ALEFANTIS

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Ive noticed a lot of original researchers arent posting anymore...and the bot too is gone. Whats up?

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their accounts are getting banned for posting "spam" and they have to create alts