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There is a thread on 8chan too

This is a recent post:

Gookanon here, posting with my tablet. My id would have changed. I must post it because I realized something suddenly. It just crossed my mind.
Rememer 'ํ–ฅ์‘ (sex service) chef spiritual' note on >>9866626 ? Now
I suddenly remember something.
In North Korea, people calls King Kim as 'Spiritual leader (๋ น๋„์ž)'.
How did I not seen it? Their official position name for their leader, is 'Spiritual leader (๋ น๋„์ž)'. They calls Kim as Spiritual Leader or General (์žฅ๊ตฐ), for all 3 generations. It is official name, not just some nickname. I was blind, it was too simple but I couldn't see it.
Whatever that note means, it is related with providing sex service to Kim. I can now 100% say without doubt. Macron is involved in sex service for Kim.
Only Kim can be called 'Spiritual Leader' in North korea. No other can be. When North Korean calls Kim, they always calls him ๋ น๋„์ž (Spiritual Leader). Always. And Kim is known for having all kinds of sex services from thousands of women from every countries. The answer was right there, right under our nose. Macron is involved in providing sex services to Kim.
I'm sorry for concluding it this late but I think the answer is clear.

ํ–ฅ์‘ chef spiritual
'Provided entertainment to Spiritual Leader'
(ํ–ฅ์‘, Hyang Eung is word for providing sex services)
"Gave sex services to Kim"

Not necessarily pizza-related, but scandalous nonetheless. The papers have a hand-written address of a place in North Korea, the personal names sound specifically North Korean, and the dots in the paper suggest primitive North Korean technology.


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Thanks for posting and I strongly believe, anything involved with high political leaders like this, France is NOT acting alone. We can't think for one minute that USA officials aren't involved some how.


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I'm certain I read a week or so back that Obama was advising Macron


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You sure it doesn't have something to do with the ex South Korean President who was just impeached for being in some weird cult?


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It looks like it definitely has something to do with North Korea, though South Korea may also play a part. The drawn map of Korea on the other page points a South Korean city. President Park doesn't appear in the papers. The 8 Goddesses stuff may or may not be related tangentially depending on how big the web is in this case. It looks like Macron has a highly-placed North Korean contact. People on the thread speculate whether Macron could be working with the North Korean government or meaning to overthrow it for the Rothschilds.