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Quick summary: It's some Korean family tree with "chef spirituelle" (spiritual leader). Here's a translation: Suspiciously seems tied to the Korean president cult thing.

It's from the Cedric O files. (Cedric appears to be half-Korean?). Apparently he worked in the French ministry of Finance with Macron.

He came from the Terra Nova think tank, which is linked to pedo shit supposedly

Christophe Bejach, 53, one of the founders of the Terra Nova think tank, close to the Socialist Party, was convicted of child pornography in December. French Terra Nova foundation defines itself as "a laboratory of ideas, close to the left." The association was founded in February 2008 and is progressive and independent, yet it is often described as close to the Socialist Party.

Just picking stuff that seems relevant from the 4chan thread


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It might connect to the Korean Moonie Cult and James Alefantis...

Followup to the Alefantis/Pegasus/Moonie Connection from an earlier post (Part 4) CONTINUED--THE OTHER PROPERTY OWNED BY PEGASUS OWNER)

PIZZAGATE- James Alefantis ties to Moonies Cult via purchase of Pegasus Museum?


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Bulls Eye - Pegasus Museum was owned by a couple affiliated with Moonies Cult. How it all comes together nicely! Is Trump aware of the scale of this depravity?


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thank you!!