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Why no interest in your post? I upvoted you. This is a case worth watching and could prove quite damaging to that arrogant Professor Dershowitz. Did you know he acknowledged being introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by Lady Rothschild.

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Thanks! Im not sure. I thought this article had a lot of good information that I hadn't seen elsewhere

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Cernovich is literally working for Dershowitz and Epstein. This is why people need to be highly skeptical about WHO was promoting pizzagate and how this could be used against us. I personally believe that we stumbled upon a legitimate pedo ring in washington BUT, pizzagate was like half PSYOP with a shit load of red-herring and youtube e-celeb faggot astroturfing. All of this is misdirection from Epstein because that connects both Trump and Clinton together, proving that its really just one big Jewish game of charades and mossad has blackmail on both

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I think it's interesting. Any new news?