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Julian Assange tweeted in a cryptic poem a few weeks ago: "Secretaries are not secretaries" which led me to do some investigation on Eryn Sepp, John Podesta's secretary. She received civil affairs specialist training in Fort Bragg, N.C. and served in South Korea and Iraq working with abused women and children.

Julian Assange posted yesterday about MISOC, and lo and behold, "civil affairs specialists" are trained at SOC at Fort Bragg:

See more about MISOC in this training video which Wikileaks posted:

Specialists are trained to influence beliefs and behaviors in civilian populations. This could be why Eryn Sepp has worked as a gun control advocate and has written articles and done interviews about gun control, although claiming she is also a member of the NRA. On her Twitter page, she tweets about doing target practice.

John Podesta gave her a plug on Twitter in 2013:

Don’t miss the incomparable Eryn Sepp (@ITweetInHaiku) talk about reshaping American gun culture on @allinwithchris tonight at 8pm on @msnbc

Another thread about Eryn here:

She is a most intriguing character. Her Twitter page projects the image of a sweet, lovely young mom who tweets in haiku about the most harmless things.

It's very pertinent that Eryn's military experience was in Iraq which is a hotbed of human trafficking and then became a public advocate against sexual violence in the military . . . and then ended up working as John Podesta's special assistant in the White House.

Her article on sexual violence in the ranks is here:

Last October Eryn tweets about walnut sauce and John Podesta:

1) Eryn retweets a recipe of pasta with walnut sauce.

2) Eryn's haiku In response to Hayes Brown's tweet of his macaroni and cheese recipe:

.@HayesBrown Mac & Cheese Haiku: Screenshot, cut, paste, pinned! Nat Sec by day, chef by night! Just like Podesta!

Some have pointed out the fact that Podesta heavily relied upon Eryn for the technical management of his emails. She gave him passwords when he lost them, consolidated his accounts and apparently had access to his emails as Dustin on Twitter points out:

Eryn Sepp had access to John Podesta's Gmail account. #PodestaEmails21 #NotTheRussians ID-34749

Two final items that I find most interesting in the Podesta emails is that in the Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on man) emails about extra terrestrial intelligence and his request for a skype meeting with John to discuss disclosure of alien activity by the federal govt., Eryn is always cc'd and frequently mentioned.

Another email also sticks out, entitled "Housecleaning" in which Eryn mentions a class John Podesta gave at Georgetown University Law Center: "Welcome to the Darkside".

For a fun walk down memory lane, I found your old syllabus and a few materials from your GULC "Welcome to the Darkside" class with Sarah Wartell! Let me know if you ever want to see that.


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Images of Sergeant Eryn Sanders with children in Erbil, Iraq:

A detailed 2016 State Department report on Trafficking in Persons highlights Iraq as "a source and destination country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking, and men, women, and children subjected to forced labor."

It mentions Erbil: "Media and other observers reported in 2015 that an Iranian sex trafficking network operated brothels in Erbil where Iranian girls were exploited in prostitution."

I believe AP is releasing a report today about a U.S. contractor in Iraq who has been using air bases in Iraq as centers of human trafficking, prostitution and smuggling.

Breaking news article on Sallyport Global covering up abuses in Iraq here:


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Daily Bruin deleted the first pic. I hope you archived?


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"civil affairs specialists"

Have you looked into the story of Ferguson Missouri "Oath Keeper" Dan Page? He's another civilian affairs specialist and a crisis actor. He's the police officer trying to silence CNN anchor Don Lemon on national tv in the following video clip. This entire stunt was staged to incite black anger:



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Great connection. Who knew we had CIA psyops walking among us?


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Incredible work.


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It came to me in the middle of the night: Eryn Sepp, "civil affairs specialist" and the video about MISOC which Wikileaks posted. It kept swirling around in my head, and I looked it up this morning, and BINGO, there it was. I knew she had trained at Fort Bragg and the John F. Kennedy MISOC school was there, and that's it: that's where they train civil affairs specialists.


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Here's an twitter account that liked that post, very sketchy: