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Some of those kids never had a chance 😔

Grateful we have access to these documents now we got to get justice

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Wake up poor every day barely surviving since birth. One day everything starts blowing up and everyone you know is dying. A couple of dead eyed white people show up a few days later saying everything will be better. You are now a sex doll until discarded in the trash and forgotten about forever.

This is a reality that I wish I didn't know existed. When I am alone thinking about some of this stuff I can barely wrap my head around the fact that people can do this to other people, let alone innocent children that have already had a horrible life. It makes me so upset and the more people you try to tell, the more people tell you you're being crazy

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I became a different person when the pizzagate story broke. I don't know, I just realised how naive and ignorant I was about the evil in this world.

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I do not see anything the same anymore! Just unbelievably hard to digest!

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Remember, only a small percent of people are like that. Most are apathetic. Some are good people, who do good.

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One day they are going to think you are brilliant when this comes out because you had it all figured long before. Yes, these kids think someone is saving them and their hell is just beginning. Add on they can't speak the language to tell anyone what is going on and they don't even know where they are because they were probably drugged as they were transported to the US or wherever highest bidder lives.

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Where's the justice though, guys? I'm still praying and cheering y'all on, you awesome citizen researchers who do this work. I'm pulling for you and wish like mad that those with the evidence would speak the fuck up and SHUT IT DOWN. Stay strong. I'm trying to stay patient. I just wish Assange would reveal the DNC-and-Podesta leaker, and that the white hats in the NYPD & FBI would spill it. Sigh.

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those with evidence get suicuded in back of the head

I agree with you. I am crazy ready for arrests at top level

june 10 is supposed to be a big day....

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Judicial Watch is an honorable watch dog organization focusing on the right issues and always in need of donations if you have money to spare. They can accomplish things we can't but that doesn't mean we can't help, we can by digging up pertinent information that dovetails with their efforts. Let's bring these awful people to justice.

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Great piece of information revealing the government was aware the there are pedophiles among foster parents.

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This all connects to MIT (see Aaron Swartz), Knights of Pythias, the Pilgrims Society, DNC and RNC, secret societies, the mafia, corrupt nonprofits and foundations, John McCain, Ashton Kutcher, the Catholic church, Satanic groups, United Nations, and Racine, Wisconsin. They know something very big is about to be exposed, and some of those involved are paying off local media and law enforcement to silence and target the victims and witnesses that know the truth. More is being developed now. Stay tuned, and help put the spotlight on Racine. It begins June 10.

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Wait is June 10th? Why give hard dates if info is to come out? Just release. There have been so many dates thrown around then nothing.

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He does this constantly and gets upvotes, for no reason.

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What's up with Trump?

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Payoffs were here from the beginning Racine is on my radar

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Ok, buddy. I am counting on you to come through.

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Thank you! my eyes are getting bleary reading these badly scanned docs and trying to piece together whats relevant

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Keep up the good work! Investigating is exhausting for sure. I have to take periodic breaks. Go outside for a while, lol

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We cant thank you enough. Keep up the good work and keep well rested - spiritually and physically. Much love x

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Awesome. Upvoat for you.

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Love you guys.

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It is funny that most people would never imagine that this would be an issue.

There is a catastrophic event, and the vultures start circling.

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Great article. To think of all the money that was given to help these people who have never had anything...that someone who has everything would think so little of them as to take their help!!! God help those people because I fear for their souls! Poor people can die and go to their rest in heaven...but there is no rest for the wicked. Now or for all eternity!

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HRC and her cronies raped and pillaged that country (literally in some cases) - aside from child trafficking even, the damage she has done there (and money herself and her friends have made) is untold

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The Red Cross also kept a ton of the money donated for the Haiti issue. When the authorities asked where the money went They said" we don't have to answer you " Omg !

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These people needed help, instead the got a visit from the Cannanites

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