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see what I can come up with

Hopefully this sub can come up with more info and connections on the Rothschilds as they are the closest to the head of the snake you can get...

The Rothschilds controlling Pizzagate Subs through Disobedient Media

The Rothschilds own and control the US and the leaders bow to their wishes

HILLARY TO Lynn Forester de Rothschild: β€˜Let me know what penance I owe you’

Rothschilds Bradley foundation hacked - 150 million donation to Hillary Clinton

"Rothschild" word banned by Reddit

BREAKING: Secret Wikileaks invitation places John Podesta, David Brock and James Alefantis together at Rothschild home

Update: We now have undeniable proof that James Alefantis did in fact attend a private function at Rothschild home in NYC

Tucson mayor Jonathan ROTHSCHILD is trafficking children via Casa de los Ninos. Search for the old Ninos logos and see how they have been edited. Also look at the former directors of los Ninos.

Alefantis and Rothschild share address!!

Search pizzagate sub for Rothschild threads;

Our Ancient Rulers Skull;

Our Modern Day Rulers Skull;


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Son seriously I have told you a million times spreading half truths a lies for David Brock. Letting him use you to spread propaganda will get you nowhere in life.

Just come home and give up shilling on Voat.