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"What would make you hesitate to engage in this fight? How can the community help mitigate?"

^ This

I worked for a "company" that had some people with certain "loose" alliances. I publicly post under my real name about Pizzagate daily. I also submitted tips to the FBI about someone a couple of times (anonymously) and posted publicly using my own name about how I don't like the group that my company has certain alliances to. And I just got fired.


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Hopefully you'll continue to be a positive role model and inspiration to all who hear your story. Do you have any leads on companies who are sympathetic to your situation and position? Since you publicly post under your real name daily maybe you could get a few job leads that way?

All the best to you.


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So sorry that happened to you. I really hear you and agree.


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I'm very sorry to hear this. This is always tricky, and as you can see, pretty risky, too. One always has to weigh the pros and cons. Our lives and families cannot be disregarded. I'm a journalist in real-life and publish and post various critical topics, but I always, always make sure that I can't easily be "touched".