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Excellent post, Vindicator! I will ponder your brainstorming questions & see what I can come up with.

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Have an upvoat for being constructive. Too many other comments nagging about the past which should all be posted to /v/pizzagatemods instead of down here. When something's wrong, it should be addressed in the right place and the mod team should react to it fast. Vindicator saw something was wrong and is taking one step forward here, nice initiative, not enough but a nice beginning.

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Thanks, AnonOP! You've been doing amazing work here. I always look forward to your posts.

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Agree! The shills really came out of the woodwork for this one.

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I've never seen so many shills in one thread in my life. Nothing they are talking about even makes sense.

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Finally. Thank you.

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Thank You Vindicator! The higher the quality of posts, the more credibility we gain. If you get deleted examine the quality of your work instead of attacking a Moderator. Try a different subject instead or search a little harder for a source. If an overworked Moderator makes a mistake, move on, don't take it so personally. Ask yourself: how can I become an instrument for change? That we can now post plans for publicity and/or action is fantastic. We will never have an opportunity like the one we have now with a Republican Congress, a Republican POTUS who is aware and an advocate like Trey Gowdy in a position of power with respect to both investigations and legislative changes. Let's seize this opportunity.

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Thanks @Vindicator for being the barer of great news and for adding the beautiful and encouraging little extra touch at the end of your post :)

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"What would make you hesitate to engage in this fight? How can the community help mitigate?"

^ This

I worked for a "company" that had some people with certain "loose" alliances. I publicly post under my real name about Pizzagate daily. I also submitted tips to the FBI about someone a couple of times (anonymously) and posted publicly using my own name about how I don't like the group that my company has certain alliances to. And I just got fired.

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Hopefully you'll continue to be a positive role model and inspiration to all who hear your story. Do you have any leads on companies who are sympathetic to your situation and position? Since you publicly post under your real name daily maybe you could get a few job leads that way?

All the best to you.

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So sorry that happened to you. I really hear you and agree.

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I'm very sorry to hear this. This is always tricky, and as you can see, pretty risky, too. One always has to weigh the pros and cons. Our lives and families cannot be disregarded. I'm a journalist in real-life and publish and post various critical topics, but I always, always make sure that I can't easily be "touched".

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  • Who are the mods?
  • Why should we trust you?
  • Why do you feel this subvoat needs moderation?
  • Why do you feel that posts here must relate strictly to Pizzagate, and not Pedogate at large?

Can you please give some examples of submissions that the moderators have created, some of their own research?

Downvote me if you think mods don't need to be top research contributors.

Upvote me if you think mods need to be top research contributors.

I think that these are healthy questions to be asking.


I don't think that any of us care about reader bias. Research is research. It's pretty objective. Post your own research if you actually do any, other than just ((((((((((((((modding)))))))))))))).

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  • There are introductions for each of us in v/pizzagatemods, per the mod rules
  • Not sure why you are making this about mods?
  • Without mods, you would be drowning in Hentai and off-topic shitposts
  • Please read this sticky, as well as the definition in the sidebar -- this sub has always been about pizzagate/pedogate

Regarding mods and research: I have personally had no time to do research since I started spending hours every day modding. I do regularly tweet out the great stuff you all contribute, however. If I were to post research, I would do so under an alt, so as to avoid triggering reader bias.

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That third bullet point though. Very true story.

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Do you have any special skills, knowledge or background you can offer to the cause you would like people to know about (without revealing who you are in real life)?

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of pizzagate links, pizzagate links I have acquired over a very long career.


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what you guys need to understand (and if you are part of the invetigative community, you will understand this) is that this sub is not entertainment.. the mods should not be "deciding" anything... all the mods here need to do is delete spam, ban the obscene shill that posts that spam here everyday all day... and add links to historical threads when someone posts something that's been touched on previously in the investigation here.. that's it...

we all want mod transparency... this investigation isn't a game and we need purity and trust on some level, and we don't have that here.. especially not after that hoax ex-mod @abortionburger pulled..

"without mods" doing our thinking for us by deleting relevant material... we could use the power of the upvoat and downvoat to curate content, which is the purpose of the voat choice..

there needs to be a serious open-forum discussion about the mod situation here and it should behoove you to initiate it.

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My son may have gave his anal virginity to David Brock but he will not be his bitch like you!

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Are you the one making my son shill on the internet?

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It's true that some things on this sub don't work good (anymore). But to make this thread about mods is really unfair. Why do people keep complaining about deletions when the community itself was the entity that set up the rules? And if you feel they are not working anymore, why not get together and make suggestions to adapt them? I simply don't get it. The only possible explanation is that these people are shills. Divide and rule. Happens everywhere, and here, too. I won't take part in this. Unite, people!

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What happened to the summary post that was up on the top of the front page of Voat pizzagate?

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It's right at the top of this thread, and also in the sidebar (view desktop site if on mobile).

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