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There are a bunch of FOIA requests I'd like. The FBI file on Michael Jackson was hugely informative, for example. We could start a campaign on MuckRock.com perhaps (which Wikileaks endorses).

Here's the list of what I think we should request:

From the FBI

(which allows for deceased individuals, policies and procedures, events, organizations, etc. NOT LIVING PERSONS) http://archive.is/WJJ0X#selection-883.0-887.185

*The Digital Entertainment Network (subject of An Open Secret)

*Dana Giacchetto (was identified as a "material witness" to Jeffrey Epstein's activities and was an investor in the Digital Entertainment Network - he died so his stuff can be requested)

*David Rockefeller (friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Baron Leon Lambert, who was identified in the Dutroux Affair - Rockefeller is dead as well)

*Nancy Schaefer (obviously dead but file may provide clues - may also want to FOIA local law enforcement files)

From the CIA

*DynCorp incidents

*Baron Leon Lambert (as discussed above)

*Marcel Maciel (friend of Carlos Slim and a huge pedophile priest in Mexico)

I'll update this to add more as I think of them.


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"new social precedents which now longer foster the heinous relationships between predators that have infiltrated all aspects of institutional society."

  1. Get your company to hire more women (unless you are already 50-50, gender imbalance is unsustainable.)
  2. Encourage women to seek advancement (we are often grossed out by what we see happening above the glass ceiling.)
  3. Divest yourselves of the Bill O'Reillys (and save money and aggravation.)


  1. Encourage awesome people you know (any gender) to run for office as INDEPENDENTS and work for them every step of the way. Let's elevate people who ARE great versus people who THINK they are great.


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Eva, your algorithm is way off here.

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Remember this? What did this Stenographer know? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ro8bQ6Rx-Q

This video was posted on YouTube , five months later:

Dianne Testimony | Posted by Dan Reidy on YouTube | Mar 15, 2014.

Dianne Reidy and her husband, Dan Reidy, talking about her incident/experience on the House floor, on Oct. 17, 2013. Two things that are striking:

1) They demonstrate that the audio of Dianne speaking from the House floor is NOT from that time, but was actually audio that was taken in the hallway and elevator, just after she was escorted from the floor. They have not been able to find the REAL audio of Dianne at the podium.

2) She was taken to a hospital and told her diagnosis was a religious experience and anxiety, but the written diagnosis, given to her personal doctor, was that of psychosis. She was unaware of this discrepancy until her doctor told her what the hospital report said.


00:00 - 4:06 - The Reidys demonstrate that the audio heard in this video, is manipulated.

Next, they mostly speak about their religious beliefs, and how Dianne believes she was called by God to do this.

26:54 - 27:47 Dianne talks about what happened to her after they removed her from the building. They took her to G.W. Hospital, (she notes, that's standard procedure when there's any kind of distraction, any kind of protest... if there's any question of mental illness involved....)

30:13 - 31:40 Dianne talks about her diagnosis and follow-up. ...The resident released me with a diagnosis of a religious experience and anxiety. Which was the correct diagnosis. ... But... I was released with the instruction to go to my physician the following day and get a referral for a psychiatrist to do an evaluation... I went to the doctor... and it turns out that my diagnosis went from religious experience/anxiety topsychosis. Dan emphasizes, this is when you GOT to the doctor, not FROM that doctor. Dianne continues, the doctor had actually read the report to me and said it was psychosis, and I said, that's NOT what it was 12 hours ago.

32:29... Dan talks about our nation's decline. ... It says above the Speaker's rostrum, In God We Trust... We have a government now that has crossed moral bounds... God is for We the People, not for what is taking place in DC... God spoke this, to the leadership of our country about the moral decline of our country, and it starts at the top... I feel heavily in my heart that this is from God, and I would direct it towards our three levels of government... enough is enough, we need to take our country back, as one nation under God...


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