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Not only would he have been in jail sooner, just think of all the children he would not have abused.. Disgusting.


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Seems like a legit article, and what info! FBI had clear evidence and did nothing for 4 years and more.

"was a pedophile who used his wealth, status, and secrecy to exploit kids"

I suggest adding this link into the main evidence list (Executive Summary) ping: @Millenial_Falcon


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Great idea..@FBI seems to have care FAR more about blackmail than law enforcement...


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"the FBI isn't going to be the big savior that everyone is hoping for"

That's true only while James Comey is still in charge. But as well all know it's Howdy Doody time!

My take on recent events like reports James Comey has been tied to hiring an ex MI5 officer are evidence he's going to be asked to resign or takendown entirely.

Once Comey is gone the entire Deep State house of cards comes down.

May God Speed The Plow


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“That was my biggest question, ‘Why was it taking so long?’” journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond told ABC affiliate WWSB. “A case of this size just happens to take that long, and that’s what I was told.”

Translation: We need to make sure we have warned off any important people that need protection, who show up in our investigation, before we finally nail Fogle. I mean, we kind of HAVE to nail him because it would have come out through you anyhow, but thanks for the heads up and for giving us a chance to hide any exposure of the REAL players. Okay boys, time to play the HERO role now...


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Love you, babe. ;)


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There are a few things that must be understood if we are to be adults with a realistic understanding of how things actually work. The FBI consists of employees, just like any other job. It is a myth that they are somehow "superior" in any way to anyone else. Some are on personal "missions", others not. It really doesn't matter since they do not decide who to prosecute.

All they do is investigate. They do that at the instruction of others. Who have we been looking at primarily here? Do those people look like people with power? Some of them are very powerful, or have influence with those who are. People with power do not get prosecuted. It is why they desire power.

In fact, one of the reasons for their engaging in these disgusting practices is that it shows how powerful they are. They like to do things that the vast majority of mortals couldn't get away with if they wanted to. That is why we see JA prancing around flouting every rule of civilized society. That is why we now have a "party" of perverts and deviants.


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The mind of a pedophile is sharklike -- violent, selfish, roving, and unrelenting. Jared is still looking for victims even though he's in jail and on the edge of getting killed by inmates


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