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This is a man who knows we know and doesn't give a shit because he knows he's above the law.

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I think otherwise, actually. This is a man who probably knows he's fucked, eventually, or strongly senses it in his subconscious. It's not unlike most other extreme criminals, like serial killers. They know their "punishment" is coming some day, and they kind of relish it, taunt it. They are masochistic in that way.

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I think pedophiles are cowards whose victims are children who can't protect themselves. Even infants. So I do think they are frightened - very frightened.

We, of course, don't know what might have been done to John Podesta or Tony Podesta to make them the way they are. They have to understand deep within themselves that what was done to them and what they have done to others is grossly wrong and that some day the world will catch up with them.

The victims do want to tell their stories and as painful as that may be for them I feel very strongly that they do it to try to help others and to try to bring these criminals to justice.

There may also be a need among these criminals, as well, to also tell their own stories.

Perhaps Weiner will be one of those criminals who want to tell?

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His punishment is not "coming some day". The Clintons have been doing their evil Since bill was raping women and having people murdered back when he was in Arkansas. They are part of the Cabal. The cabal controls our pupett government and all it's apparatus. All we get to do is type. "Everybody gets the truth, nobody goes to jail".

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Remember what Hillary said. If she loses, then they all hang.

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You got played. Trump was a puppet too.

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What she allegedly said. She is not hanging. She is not going to trial. She is not being investigated. She has not likely quit her criminal behavior. You discover the truth, then you retreat back into never never land. Hard habbit to break aye?

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thats exactly right he was installed at washington post i suspect for the sole purpose of defending alefantis and other pizza related matters we are up against a well organised well connected group of powerful individuals who can control the media

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who helped bring down the DNC candidate AND the DNC and will bring down WAPO as well. How podesta isn't suicided by decapitation by now confuses me.

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Rodental, smart enough to know how to integrate the infinite power tower, believes in pizzagate.

@bojangles, what the fuck world am I living in?

@SarMegahhikkitha @eagleshigh

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You ever figure that one out?

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pg_worth world unfortunately

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I have ZERO faith in either party, Democrat or Republican. But what amazes me about the Democrats is they're their own worst enemy. First it was the "basket of deplorables" now John Podesta is talking shit on twitter again at a time in American History when someone associated with the Deep State really really really shouldn't be talking shit on the Internet.

It kinda makes you wonder if they're getting sabotaged from above. Gang raping an entire nation of poor black people and then stealing their organs seems like something God, if there is one, would frown upon.

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Alas....but what does jp have to fear, really? Seems to made of a special kind of coating... like teflon. Color me, Discouraged.

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All it would take is knowing where he was or where he was gonna be, a poodle shooter, clear line of sight on a windless day.

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If you read his column in Washington Post James Alefantis is relying on support of his community and fellow business owners there. But what if anyone begins to notice that the power is shifting. Obama is gone. Is Trump going to protect the Podesta's or Hillary or Alefantis?

Remember, these people were also in hiding for a long time -- time enough to get some coaching and advice on how to handle this. But, again, there also seems to be a big disconnect between HRC, Podesta's, Alefantis -- and who may be above them in all of this. Again, Obama is gone and he certainly seemed to be the next step UP.

If there was a "god" in the sky interested in justice, he's wasted a few tens of thousands of years ignoring crime.

Edited to correct AJ to James Alefantis - apologies!

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Trump praised Comey and brought him back. Trump refuses to fire him. Trump got rid of Flynn, the one who seemed to be against the Deep State. Trump accepted the phoney gas attack and is war mongering now. Trump is controlled opposition and a complete joke. There is no PG investigation and Trump doesn't have to protect anybody. The entire criminal system protects itself. CIA and FBI are in charge, and they are two evil organizations. The Rothschilds own them both. What are you babbling about Trump for?

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JA = James Alefantis

AJ = Alex Jones

Pretty sure you mixed those up, if anyone else was confused like I was

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I laughed so hard looking at some of those mimes and I don't care who the scumbags are in Washington none of them are going to want to go near the molesta boys. Their name is forever going to be associated with Comet and pedofile

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Many of the scumbags in Washington are involved in this as well, so who to you supposed they are being shunned by? Warren Buffet? Richard Branson? The Rockefellers? Pelosi? I think the Elite will not shut them, but embrace them. This is what they are.

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I realize this but there are also lower levels of elites that have to face the public are there not ? These people will shy away from the Podesta brothers even a low life does not want their name sullied by a pedofile in public .

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Tis a beautiful thing to behold.

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It seems like it doesn't it?

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about time...

AIPAC 2017 Protest - Exposing Israel & 9/11 in Washington D.C.


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156 pp.of historical TRUTH that many here can't handle.

The New History of the Jews by Eustace Mullins (1968)


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Thanks for letting us know about all the love. Feeling much better now. Upvoaty for you.

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i retweeted them all .... i feel better now :)

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