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Safeway Inc.It is a subsidiary of Albertsons. (Do a google image search of Albertsons and you will see their logo.)

Albertsons was acquired by private equity investors led by Cerberus Capital Management in January 2015. (Do a google image search and you will see their logo.)

Albertsons uses a pyramid type of logo with a 3 leaf inside it. Cerberus uses a three claw slash mark looking logo.

Cerberus is the three headed hound of Hades that guards the "UNDERWORLD" so the "DEAD" don't escape.Cerberus is the off-spring of Echidna and Typhon. The second child of Echidna, the half woman - half snake.

Cerberus Capital Management is ran by Steve Feinberg, the same guy that Trump Asks To Review Intel Agencies. Also Dan Quayle is currently the chairman of global investments with Cerberus Capital Management.

Now..................we can easily read many things into facts about the world and I am in no way trying to, BUT I am pointing out some of the who knows who here.

We know, since the wikileaks release about how the CIA can plant or remove information on computers, that it would be easy to use some low trafficked site, such as Safeway Inc. To piggy back data. To have a "safeway" of these people speaking about whatever.

I'm only guessing, but some site that tracks sites traffic would keep records of any spikes in traffic. Time of day and such. The Safeway Inc. site should keep ip logs of some kind, dealing with who visited their site as well. Those records would be a dead give away if cross checked by FBI records of other known pedo sites. The IPs and emails attached to who visited sites is out there.


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When i typed Cerberus Capital Management into google Soros' name showed up


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I knew that it belonges to Albertson Inc. What I didn't know was Cerberus and the history to this name. I really don't know if it is anything but I fear that we have to accept #Pizzagate as its own culture. And that everyone with power is suspiscious to be in it. Because we know that you won't get succesfull "without permission".