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This totally ties into Tavistock. Tavistock is the "mental health expert & researcher" that comes up with psychological/mental problems the this BULLSHIT is taught and spread to prestigious universities. I believe most of these mental disorders are fabricated or MK'ed making some people believe they are crazy.

It helps sell drugs, label people, put them in institutions, steal their kids, have people believing Pedos is a "mental disorder", that gender identity can be confusing so pump young kids with hormones....it's a screwed up, mind control center to mess with the population.

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I avoid shrinks, pills, and corner drug dealers, equally.

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They are equally evil.

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Interesting links you have managed to connect.

We know that at one time some countries, such as the UK, encouraged the state to pay a fee to local child services for every child that was taken into care.

Now we have adoption targets that are not managed or monitored by the government and in many cases flatly denied by the local authority.

The fact that Disney are involved raises red-flags for me. There is nothing that company does that is completely innocent and although the evidence is entirely circumstantial there is a lot of potential for exploitation and wrongdoing. Hopefully people will be convinced to look a little deeper at this possible 'supply' line.

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This has been going on for quite awhile as I saw first hand what 1st time moms went through. 2000-02 My daughter stayed at RMD House during her course of treatment for ALL. You get to know other families when your stay is extended. I can't count how many times I saw a new mom who was all excited to bring her new miracle of life home to come back to pick up their belongings, sobbing because just as they were leaving the hospital some SS worker told them her she could leave , but without her child. The reasons were so absurd that it was evident then that something was not on the up & up. A single mom is observed in the nick units and the nurses are in on it too. It is their notes that give the validity to the reasons.for abduction. I am a Guardian Ad Litem so I am not just spewing nonsense. Advantage is taken when they think it's possible. I had my hands full at the time, but those moments still haunt me. Voat for me has confirmed a lot of personal thoughts & fears of realities, that had I expressed to anyone else, the outside world would have said I was nuts. They do this a lot with premies that are perfect but just came to early..

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Well, I'm glad you could share your story here with us. And no, you're not nuts. You're awake. Big difference :)

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meanwhile exactly zero muslims have been arrested for FGM. and none of their children have been taken into custody.

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Until people stop practicing male genital mutilation so frequently I think people need to stop complaining about fgm as a separate thing.

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Oh, but that's "cultural/religious" so that's "DIFFERENT."

The REALITY is that Arabs are Ishmaelites so COUSINS of the Jews and their partners in crime. Jews NEED Muslims to help take down Western white countries.

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Both Muslims and Jews practice male genital mutilation.

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I think we can start leaning towards an understanding that the business of child trafficking/CP may be the fastest growing segment of the economy and the device for the destruction of all that is humane and righteous.