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Hate to rain on the parade but this is a puff piece.

All of the adults arrested in this operation have been released from custody.

Foreign participants in the trafficking were not even held or arrested according to numerous accounts. Of the nine Haitian nationals who were arrested, by Wednesday, March 15, 2017, none were still in police custody. Many civil society organizations across different sectors have expressed outrage since learning of the sting, that freed 31 girls, of at least, 14 minors, and the lack of justice which ensued.

Although it seems as though they are fighting child trafficking you have to wonder if this is not a 'feel good' story to put out in the press to show the general public that something is being done about child trafficking.

OUR worked in conjunction with the Haitain National Police in this raid. It's well established that the police forces in Haiti have been infiltrated and trained by DynCorp.

Don't fall for this farce of a bust, the story was broken by Glenn Beck for fucks sake.


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