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A clear explanatory general annoucement like this is always a step in the right direction. Appreciated.

An observation - there is some kind of impenetrable wall, stronger than any Trump fever dream, between the site developers (haves) and the mods (border patrols), and us (have-nots). It's as if we are all supposed to accept as some natural law that "The developers are literally locked away in a tower of ivory on the moon's far side, and no communication may occur." Are they tripping inside "The Neverending Story"? It is my humble opinion that the mods should ask for more transparency from developers, because this place feels like it is run by techs who refuse to pause and see how their decisions from on high about stickys and gadgets affect the hoi polloi.

@PuttItOut DEVELOPERS - WITHOUT THE CRITICAL MASSES, YOU ARE ONLY THEORISTS, so reply to mods questions on our behalf please.