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I am going to copy-paste some of the abusive comments towards AB here, as I know many people will probably not look at them otherwise. This is abuse. Utter crap - we cannot accept this treatment towards mods that put up with enough shit every day as it is. They are investing their time towards this effort without pay. This commenter is making multiple accounts specifically to harrass her because she is not compromised. You KNOW who is on the right side when they get attacked in precisely this personal, low-blow way. People giving their time to this important effort for no money, do not deserve this abuse.


"[real name], shouldn't you be at synagogue today? Or are you training for your next crisis actor job at ModelMayhem? Fucking twat stupid fucking cunt."

"She's a jew shill, her name is [deleted], she lives in [deleted], and she sucks as a musician that's why she couldn't get accepted at any conservatory. She peddles herself as a crisis actor on, the same agency the other crisis actors at Aurora were hired from. She used to be cute in her little panties there, but she's old now. [deleted doxx link]

I think she's training for her next role now that her crisis actor work there in [real location] has finished."

"I'm surprised that left-handed jew disinfo shill [Real Name], aka "abortionburger", hasn't deleted this thread and banned you. She's probably still asleep. Or maybe she's practicing for her next crisis actor role in a fake "shooting" like the one in her town of [Real location] where she just moved to right before the "shooting" there.

"This creepy disgusting jewess has systematically deleted every thread I posted here outlining Trump's relationships to the jew mafia pedo network, and banned my accounts many times. There is something about this information that the jew shills like [Name] have been instructed to remove."

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Am aware - some people will be too lazy to look, or not know where the modlog is.