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Wow, and more wow. Just... wow. I'm wondering if the Pizzagate and Hampstead community realize how unbelievably important this event is? 42 years old? There has to be foul play involved in this one.

Handkerchief Email Revisited: The Sandler's, Saturday Night Live, and Chabad LubavitchTitle Here

Donald Sussman, another big Clinton Foundation donor, who resides in the secluded and uber elite islands off the coast of Maine with worldwide personalities that have had a wide array of influence over the panopticon of international economics and politics like Prescott Bush, The Dupont's and IBM's Watson. His art tastes are as big as his wallet, I wonder how interested he is in the styles of art like those of James Alefantis, Tony and John Podesta?


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I hope they realize. This is huge. He was taken out.