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Yeah sorry we won't be silenced. I'll die for these kids, I have no fear.

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Yep, I'm pretty sure God reserves a spot in heaven for those speaking out against SRA and child rape.

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These atheist pedophiles don't care about heaven and hell. He'll must be made for them here on earth.

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Man i am so inspired by you and the replies above and below. All my immediate family are dead apart from my parents. When it's only me left, i will be a man with nothing left to lose. Mark my words i will take as many of these subhumans down as i can, and will happily give my life for this cause.

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You have us. :)

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I feel exactly the same way. And if they do come for me, I intend to take a few of them with me.

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Read his post from four months ago. He was not only exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse at Christchurch in Hampstead. This involved the intelligence agencies MK Ultra training. Also exposed the money laundering scheme that would take down the Clinton Foundation but also The Crown- which is the Royal Family.

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This involved the intelligence agencies MK Ultra training.

The CIA has poisoned not only our own government but governments internationally.

I've seen a number of references now to UK's CIA/MKULTRA.

Thank you - I wasn't familiar with this individual and will try to catch up.

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Sometimes the City of London is referred to as The Crown. This is the Rothschilds. The City of London is a sovereign nation, like the Vatican and Washington DC.

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Don't get distracted by flat earth.. It does not matter if it is flat or round if PedoSatanists rule it. That is the point and who Dover was. He outed The truth of the Hampstead case and his involvement. The fraud of the Crown & the Clinton Foundation.

The most important part is where his mother worked and what is really going on there.

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I agree, it does not matter what shape planet children are being ritually abused on, it's the ritually abused part I have a problem with...

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If there is information on criminal cartels and the authorities do not follow leads, the authorities side with the cartels and the people are not protected. At that point any taxation of the ppl becomes THEFT

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I remember warning him. I feel a little sick right now. Have to take a break.

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It's gutting to see another truth warrior be slain. A real kick in the guts. Grieve, reset and use it to steel your resolve. As a movement of good people we must not let good souls die in vain. I share your pain. In my reasearch i have witnessed things that have knocked me on my arse, and i consider myself fairly strong mentally. I took a break, healed and bounced back. You will too, and i send you healing energy.

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I'm just returning from a short break. Find some peace and continue the fight when you can. I found yard work - planting weeding etc to be therapeutic as well as spring shopping ;)

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David Shurter the author of Down the Rabbit Hole... the story of Satanic Ritual Abuse....just posted a YouTube video about his death.

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The_Periodic_Fable 9 points (+9|-0) 4 months ago Are you using your actual name (Aaron Dover)? If so, why?? Is this a death wish?

@the_periodic_fable are you a prophet?

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Hmmm, interesting. Aaron was adamant about using his real name. Many comments like this can be found on his youtube channel in comments. Still....

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Not a prophet. Just thought it was strange. RIP Aaron. Now that you are up in heaven please ask god to obliterate these pedo scum.

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Sad day for truth. He certainly seemed to have incriminating evidence. This is highly suspect and definitely raises a red flag for me. Would be interested to know his cause of death. Thanks for sharing this.

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"Remember, be careful of distractions on this thread! This is about Hampstead, SRA, Pedophiles, The Clinton Foundation, and money laundering! Not about flat Earth theory."***

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I have not been able to find out cause of death yet, still researching this myself. Definitely raises some red flags.

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Wow, and more wow. Just... wow. I'm wondering if the Pizzagate and Hampstead community realize how unbelievably important this event is? 42 years old? There has to be foul play involved in this one.

Handkerchief Email Revisited: The Sandler's, Saturday Night Live, and Chabad LubavitchTitle Here

Donald Sussman, another big Clinton Foundation donor, who resides in the secluded and uber elite islands off the coast of Maine with worldwide personalities that have had a wide array of influence over the panopticon of international economics and politics like Prescott Bush, The Dupont's and IBM's Watson. His art tastes are as big as his wallet, I wonder how interested he is in the styles of art like those of James Alefantis, Tony and John Podesta? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Sussman

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I hope they realize. This is huge. He was taken out.

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