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It had been posted here in the early days.

It's good to get it out again.

I looked a little closer at the two kids. Emerson is sucking her thumb. Now think back on what you know about kids who are too old to be sucking on their thumbs. She is 2. Does it mean they're under stress? Does it mean bad parenting? Use that knowledge to guide your thinking or discussions with others.

Why are the girls dressed so differently? Didn't they come from the same place? Sis-in-law took them to her house before the birth tub was filled. For a possible sleepover. Ruby is dressed for bed; Emerson is not.

This looks like a family photo. JA a looks like a proud papa. Where is Ben, the husband? Why isn't his photo included with his family? Who took the pictures?

Why are Ruby's pj bottoms so droopy? Where are JA's hands?

Look at the photo where 2-yr old Emerson is holding the baby. Look at those bags under her eyes. Poor baby. What else is going on in this picture? Who is she looking at? Who's hand is in the pic? She doesn't look excited to hold the new baby. Why might this be the case?

Read the story again. Pay special attention to the people mentioned in the story. Have we identified all the players? Let me get you started...has anyone noticed the reference to Ruby's Godfather SKIP in the story!!! He brought firewood. Could JP be Ruby's godfather? Was he present at this birth too?

Is ja mentioned in the story itself or Just the photo? Does anyone have access to the entire story? Who is SKIP? Skippy perhaps??? Who is Susan? Is she a godmother too?



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I have 4 kids and don't think a two year old sucking their thumb is that unusual. Especially I'm a stressful situation or when tired. (not saying there isn't weirdness going on overall)


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LOL. True. It's complicated :) I mean thumb-sucking ... it can go on for quite a long time, not unusual.


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I did work for a grown woman that sucked her thumb. She knew it was weird, and mentioned that when I saw her. I assume it's a habit that should be broken when young, if not they keep doing it.


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That's why is appears weird to some but not to others. Your personal lens and experience shapes your view.

My daughter never did suck her thumb so I don't have that lens of perspective.

Mostly I've heard mother in law tales and advice about it given to others. Because every mil "knows" how to fix it lol


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honestly i dont think the picture is good enough for you to be sherlock holmesing so hard, no offense. like yeah no doubt fucked up shit is happening and those poor kids certainly have gone through some shit but the photo doesnt really give us enough information and doesnt really matter anyway because conversations of that nature, speculating and sorta questioning little things that dont matter either way, are sssssoooooooooooooooo far away from where we are now imho


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wrong, this picture links James alefantis to suspected child-abuse victims by John Podesta. The e-mail was originally sent to John Podesta, and Alefantis was never in the picture until now.


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Two is not too old for the kid to suck his thumb. My friend's son was broke of the habit around a year old but sucked his thumb when he was tired. I am guessing because the other child is in pjs that it is bedtime or close to it. The pj pants look too long for her so she will grow into them. These things are not weird to me.

Why are both kids not dressed for bed? Clearly both are tired.

I am woman, not a mom, but i have kids in my life. I get that everyone wants a different birthing experience but something about a home birth raises red flags like crazy to me. This is her third child and she had false alarms with labor in days leading up to the birth. Why would she go out on this planned outing days before he due date after having had false labor recently? Especially with it being her third kid. Labor doesn't last as long the more kids you have. That's a big risk. Think about it. She wants a home birth, has had false labor prior, goes far away to sit on a hay ride and get bumped around. Good way to start labor but shitty if you are far away and can't make it home fast.

This whole story is bizarre and very unsettling.

Edit: Just want to say I am not judging a woman's choice to have a baby at home. An expectant mother should do whatever she feels comfortable with for her birth. It just makes me think something needs to be hidden away that cannot be hidden at the hospital. I am also not saying that the midwife is in on this. I have no idea and am not implying she did anything wrong or knows of JA and his fucked up actions. I am sure she is a wonderful midwife and don't want her career ruined because of these shady as fuck people if she is innocent.


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It is weird and unnatural to have a bunch of random people around for a birth, especially a home birth. Women have a natural feeling of not wanting people around when they give birth.


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The entire story is still up here:


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Thanks. I'm on mobile and tech challenged.


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Thank you and read the full story which I think makes clear that this is a very healthy female who does Yoga and because of regular early contractions probably thought it highly possible that they would continue to go on with due date two days ahead. She did make it home without problems.

What is odd in the story is the seeming prominent position of James Alefantis in the scene. Why?

Wish the pics could be enlarged.

But this did cause me to say "huh?" .... Maeve Chaim Luzzatto

Isn't Luzzatto a name we've heard before in at least one of these researched connections?