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I certainly see the connection. Thank you very much. I would not have joined those dots without your help. The references are certainly there and I can see the egoism of Robert Anton Wilson being attractive to "Pan" (nee JA). Running through all of this is this amazing lack of affinity for others and total self-absorbsion.

As a matter of fact, it is a metaphor for the DNC and how they ran their campaign. They simply gather in the deviants of the world, declare themselves the new "Kool Kidz" and expect everyone to want to join. I suspect there actually is a certain amount of shock over the fact that many want nothing to do with them.

The "pervier" and more disgusting their practices the more "cutting edge" and "kool" they are supposed to be. So, what could be cooler than pedophiliac cannibalism? This is where they want to take the world.


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@BlueChampagne: You've provided no explanation per Rule 3 of how this is relevant to Pizzagate. Given your multiple posts in direct disregard of our submission guidelines, I am now banning you for spam.


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No, that is a partial decode.

No mention of the LION OF JUDAH symbol in the film, which directly "outs" Alefantis as a member of the TRIBE OF JUDAH, or a Jew.


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And yet ANOTHER anti-JEW post from you! Your cover has been blown...