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[Houston Planned Parenthood] I-45*, is the largest late term “outpatient” abortion clinic in the Western world.

Planned Parenthood I-45, like the PP clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y. standard modus operandi is to supply child sex slaving logistics such as condoms, STD medications, abortion, and contraception to such I-10 child sex slaving warehouses as The Hide Away (just a few minutes from the PP I-45) and The Southwest Inn among many others, as well as Sinaloa Federation Cartel associated cantinas. or

*I-45 = Interstate Highway 45

I never heard of this investigation: seven Planned Parenthood clinics were caught facilitating child trafficking -- and FOIA requests prove they lied about reporting the traffickers:

Video: Planned Parenthood Lies about Training Staff to Report Sex Traffickers -- January 17, 2017