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The nation is very much asleep. Im being considered a schizophrenic by my family and school for talking about institutionalized pedophilia and they are trying to get me evaluated and put into a treatment program where they will likely try to medicate me...


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Might I suggest something? If your family is worried about you, step away from this for a week or so. See how you feel afterwards. Mental Health issues are no joke.

This place will be still be here in a week.


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Unfortunately, this place will still be here in a year.


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I second this. I had a weekend off recently so I spent all weekend sitting, at home, in silence. I wanted to have a slow, calm, stress free weekend. It allowed me to come back on Monday with a fresh mind and some rediscovered skepticism.


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no doubt. I can only do so long before I have to go back to killing pixels and spending quality time with my family. This is all dark shit and you need some good to balance it out.


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"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."

-Thomas Jefferson

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

-William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Frankly, considering current times, I would say being accused of schizophrenia should be worn like a badge of honor. It's so bad now you can literally walk up to sheep and cock smack their faces with the truth and they still wouldn't know. It's ok man, this was by design, don't be so hard on yourself at least you are more informed than most ( we are ). Don't know if that's a good thing (ignorance is bliss?)


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"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn" - Alvin Toffler.


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Ignorance is bliss, except for the snowflakes, who live in mental hell from the Deep State sanctioned disinformation program.


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Jefferson was talking about a time when there was no standing Army. Today we have a MIC complex with atomic weapons and its not uncommon for it to drone citizens everywhere, NATO moving ever closer to surround Russia and China, a CIA working 70 years now to raise the Fourth Reich in US and around the world, while NSA is spying on every American.

We have thousands of years of pedophilia by RCC and 65-70 years of CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program using physical and mental torture and sexual abuse.

There are also early precedents for our government kidnapping native American children and forcing them into "Church schools" run by RCC and Mormons where they were beaten, murdered, sexually abused. Not really anything new.

Americans can think their way out of "False Flag" events from 9/11 to Nice -- and I do believe they are turning off the "news."

FEAR still works as the best mind control.


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Ok,listen up.

There's something you are not aware of.

Do you have any idea how many people have been either victim or perpetrator if it comes to pedophilia?

Any idea how many guys downloaded childporn "for research purposes",and will shut up?

Women that let their children be abused for whatever reason?

Are you aware most of the population has been brainwashed by media,commercials,TV and internet that pedophilia is cool and children suck?

You are a minority at the moment if you see any problem with pedophilia.

Go watch The Matrix again,because you probably didn't take it seriously enough.

If you want to stay out of trouble ,do your talking to like minded people.

Right now many people are getting triggered by al this pedogate stuff,and can turn hostile.

if you don't take this to heart ,you're gonna get yourself into trouble.

Yes Mr.Smith and zombies do exist,they are all around you.

And never forget who won in the end.

Be smart.


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Ya its hard for me to shut up man. I'm like the opposite of a psychopath, I cant help but be honest about everything.


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Watch the Matrix again and def Eyes Wide Shut.


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What are you saying?? Go back to sleep? No way.

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Many of us have been feeling overwhelmed by this discovery, something we want to share with others to join the fight. As horrible as we know it to be, the reality of the horrible truth is what makes it so hard for an average person to swallow. There is a level of cognitive dissonance as it attacks some core beliefs once you peel back the onion. It is much easier on the psyche to deny or ignore, thinking the source is not believable, than to face the very disturbing reality. That is a challenge we all face. It is compounded due to the politics as many view this as a witch hunt against Hillary by the right. While this actually might be literally true in the sense that Hillary may be a Satanist from what has been learned, we also know that there are many in the GOP who have been or are currently implicated. This second point, that the evil infects both parties, is a key part of the messaging as it helps to disarm the 50% or so of the population who view this the way the media has lied to portray it...as an extension of the electoral attacks against Hillary by Trump supporters. When discussing it, the easiest entry is to point to the history of this happening and being totally hidden and covered up in the past, specifically pointing to the Franklin or Dutroux cases. If in the US, the Franklin case is very powerful. Below is a sample tweet that I found brought a receptive response from people who had moments earlier been "screaming" against people in this forum for their attacks on Podesta, perceiving it to be politically-driven:

GOP is part of #PedoGate too: http://www.franklincase.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=2&Itemid=3

Try to point to the Franklin Scandal as an launching pad for exploration as it accomplishes two things at once: It shows the reality of what we are discussing, with strong documentation, and it removes the perception of this as being solely focused on corrupt Democrats. It helps to convert people who right now respond with animus if they are aligned with the left, which is actually part of the reason for the false dichotomy in our political system (an idea spawned by the Tavistock Institute). Essentially, people join a camp (left or right), and it is hard for them to accept information coming from the other side, which creates a 50-50 societal split that is more easily controlled. Pointing out that #PedoGate involves the GOP too, with supporting info, is critical for us taking this movement into the broader public.


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Well said. I agree that the Franklin Cover up and Dutroux Scandals are great examples to give when trying to get a positive reaction from doubters when tackling the Pizzagate issue.


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I agree the Franklin Scandal offers great insight into power and pedo-crime, but it's tough to get that far in such a long story. The book is thick as well as the video's being long. Few people read books anymore, and it's old news in our "only the instant now counts" new world news.

I wish i had a better suggestion, nothing has worked that I've tried. It is far easier to accept the reality of "ordinary" incest from family or relatives than to grasp how it ties into larger and larger circles as the child ages.

Many people who were abused have managed to suppress any memory of these events. It can come back later, and is probably occurring here with so many triggers being discussed. These will cause affected people to begin having flashback sort of experiences.. It feels like a bore hole or a rabbit hole that if one will go down it, all sorts of memories seem hidden there. Takes a lot of nerve to do this. Afterwards, write it down into your story. Do the best you remember, any way you want. Make a beginning, middle and end. Your still here. The writing will heal you slowly and surely. Read Cathy O'briens book PTSD. Amazon.


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The video isn't from March 25, just the re-uploaded. The original is from 2013.


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Dialing my pizza searching back is necessary often, I need to remember to live. It's been a struggle talking with family, and their thinking I've finally gone over the edge. First 9/11 then CSA, now pizzagate. It's very yucky stuff and spreads on us also, it stinks. I used to read the NYT daily and could be counted on to spout all kinds of interesting "facts". Now, all my news is "fake". My credibility has taken a huge dive. I was looking for a quick fix, a big 70 name warrant. I'm disappointed at the pace,

But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOOK at where we came from ........and how far we have gone!

Five years ago, searching for help online with a flood of my recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), I found very little assistance out there. The idea of Ritual Abuse, actual groups with a formal practice, was still disbelieved nearly universally. Satanic was in the movies just to scare us. Now all of this is in a much bigger part of the populations vocabulary than it was. It's past ridicule (almost).

Thank you All. I want to say it again. Thank you All for being here and supporting these searches and inquiry. I feel a weight lifting from a big piece of the population, certainly myself. CSA for males is 1 in 6. CSA for females is 1 in 4. That's a lot of us in these groups is my guess. We have a nose for sniffing out this stuff. It's got to be making a difference on the streets and in the palaces. It's not about getting the bad guys, it's about stopping it by letting the truth out. We have come a long ways in four short months.


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The lies have been institutionalized -- as we see with Sigmund Freud's still standing "Oedipus Complex" where he made the outrageous suggestion that it is infants, toddlers and young children who are the sexual aggressors against adult males.

Freud betrayed not only his own patients -- young males and females who confided in him their sexual abuse by male members of their families: fathers, grandfathers, uncles, male cousins and male friends of the family. Freud not only betrayed them, he betrayed the world with his lies.

Some have offered the excuse that Freud was unable to reveal the truth because of the power of patriarchy and organized patriarchal religion, but now it seems that Freud himself may have simply also been a child molester.

All history speaks to these crimes -- there is nothing new under the sun and that includes SRA used to frighten the public and to keep children from sounding "sane" as they would try to relate these crimes to adults.

And, blaming males -- well, yes.... Males are our sexual abusers of children and we have long recognized that. Even right wing women's groups agree with that fact. But few understand that these child molesters are also heterosexual males and that ... Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child. Why is there that confusion? Because the Catholic Church has scapegoated homosexual priests in an alibi which seeks to hide the reality of sexual abuse of children by heterosexual priests.

Also keep in mind that the NY Times is pretty much finished - not only by the internet which has taken over "news" and supplied a two-way street of communication - but because of the lies they've told from JFK assassination/coup to Vietnam and Iraq.

And, again, as far as I know most Americans are turning off the TV's -- in fact, if we are looking for a way to make a powerful statement at some point, uniting us all to pull the plug at the same time on Cable TV would be very effective.

Especially since these cable companies -- Comcast and Verizon -- are making billions every year from internet porn and filling our TV screens with violence and porn at every opportunity.


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We know Sigmund Freud used and advocated the use of cocaine, and we know that his grandson Clement Freud was a child rapist.

Since the election and the Far Left pandemic explosion of mental illness, we've cancelled pay cable channels, and stopped watching the news with the exception of Lou Dobbs, Tucker and sometimes Varney. I hate the MSM, and detest 'activist' Hollywood, and the MKULTRA darlings of the music industry. NYT is so FOS it's worthless even as TP.


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Thank you for coming out about this. I think having the insights from people have suffered at the hands of others gives us the ability to develop that "sixth sense". We talked about this a while ago, but one develops a "spidey sense" when looking at people - the pedo creep vibe. I warn the young adults/teens in my life about this and they laugh at me. Until Twitterpictograph whatever blows up about the rash of missing kids in DC. Then they listen, sort of. One of them, female, was accosted by an old perv in a gym recently. She listens to me more closely.

I wonder if part of the "media strategy" is just to foment so much chaos that nothing remains "above the fold" for more than 12-24 hours.

Do people realize we have been watching the equivalent of about a "Watergate per day" or at least a week for years now? And nothing happens.


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Give a populace enough booze, drugs, and welfare and you can literally do whatever you want.


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That's just more "blame the victims" where we've had 25 million or more jobless over the last two decades, long term -- most of them having used up their now limited/temporary unemployment insurance which used to be guaranteed. Same with welfare: if you're disabled or have young children, it's still a matter of you having to get out there to work for $7.25 a hour.

And who's running drugs in our country except our own government?


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For sure, that's a huge part.


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I thought that was from 2013?


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it was


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I think it is uncomfortably numb...the people I know are so uncomfortable talking about this stuff that they WANT to stay asleep! Don't want to get involved.


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This video is from 2013, so yes the nation has been asleep for quite some time.

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