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I'm sure it's a high percentage, but not as high as 99.9%, and that's part of why the elite have been able to do what they want and get away with abusing children.

For one thing, just see how common child sexual abuse is. What percentage of adults, in particular men, offend at some point, even with something so "minor" as what we see Joe Biden doing on camera to children?

Those who are only "minor" abusers might still think "major" sexual abuse is truly wrong, but there are still many people who are engaging in that "major" abuse. We know child pornography is a huge problem, as is children sexually abused by step parents, besides blood relative, acquaintance and stranger abuse. It wouldn't surprise me if as many as 10% of the people either engaged in child sex abuse or condoned it. The left goes on trying to make sexual relationships between adults and children acceptable. Here's a music video - "Elastic Heart" - in which adult actor Shia LeBeouf is paired with an actual 12-year-old girl (this is the same "love" situation of the teacher coercing the 15-year-old girl to go with him, but with an even younger child!)