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Exactly, the satanism has always been an angle I didn't really subscribe to. I'm not saying the elite don't have secret societies, and obviously they have rituals and do depraved things, to say nothing of the types of heinous things they must have their members do in order to have career-ruining dirt on them, but I do think that that's how they indoctrinate new initiates, it's just a front for sadism, human and organ trafficking, pedophilia and genetic harvesting.

But, what and why it is aside, you are correct that it is merely about making society morally decrepit; a society without empathy is a society incapable of feeling injustice sympathetically. Unless everyone's rights are trampled simultaneously, most will just turn a blind eye and be glad it's not effecting them. The poem First they Came comes to mind:

"*First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me*"


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You have turned that one upside down......The reason we find ourselves in the predicament is easy to understand if you know what the end game is ....but firstly....socialism is and was the tool they used to create the new world order after ww1.....they new it was hard to appropriate the properties of the knowledgeable.But if the wealth was spread to the serfs it would be like taking candy from a baby....SOCIIALISM is the trojan horse that will usher in the new world order....communism/fascism......They know the power of the many so they marshall through fabian society gradual movement....Now forget trade unions....good while they lasted but they only served for us to pull the past up the hill to today....then wham...all privilege and beneifits dissolved....that is why migration is out of control...there wont be benefits in employment,no will be bidding downwards with someone from the subcontinent for subwork and sub wages... HERE is the reason it is upside down...To create a new world order ,the old one has to go just like ww1 got rid of monarchy.....We have to destroy the pillars....LAW AND ORDER ...easy...create total criminalisation....make everyone a criminal to some extent to the law....then like a physical pyramid ,no one will disturb the structure...we will then be in the club with pollies,priest and industrialist....Don't make waves when we are up to our lips in shit....and if you are too lazy or dont wont to break the law we will create laws that everyone including mum and dad will break as well....the pillar of LAW AND ORDER HAS BEEN DISRUPTED. NEXT comes the FAMILY UNIT which was used as the building block of the last order....EASY We will create laws based on equality that will determine that the nuclear family is not the only show in town.....wE WILL TAKE SODOMY AND DECRIMINATE IT so everyone can have a family....blur the line by making gender fluid....boom....another pillar gone and society is breaking down.. Theologigical values that all previous laws were built on......magna carta...constitution.....10 commandments ....whoosh....gone ....replaced with a new religion.....SCIENCE.....PILLAR THREE GONE. THAT IS WHY IT FUCK FACE UPSIDE DOWN.......then they came for the jews and the jews did not speak out until a acceptable number had been achieved or seen to be achieved and then the jews trumpeted the news against themselves and the torah practicing jews were horrified....but the talmudic kabballah types had achieved their quota and the brits introduced a white paper preventing any jew from emigrating to britain.....same said USA,AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND,SOUTH AFRICA,CANADA AND ALL the western countries refused the jew......but only palestine was opened and no wealthy german jew wanted to be there.... The funders of socialism funded french revolution,,,,russian revolution.....american revolution....flower power...women liberation...the arab spring,....the purple name it these skunks have been controlling capitalism and communism....and now the US SAUSAGE is cooked it is time to get the russian sausage out of the fridge and the chinese sausage out of the freezer....Once one market is exploited then the other is opened....ALL theatre usually has three parts and so will this filthy thing we call war....ww3 is around the corner but it is about real estate and radiated realty has no value so dont worry ...