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And unfortunately most of that 99.9% don't have a flipping clue what's going on, nor do they want to.


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Well, I'm hoping some of them will "wake up" soon.


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The key phrase being, "nor do they want to". That is the greatest impediment to our effort to expose and bring to justice the monsters amongst us - so many people simply do want any buzz kill. They don't want to have to feel any negative emotions, they just want to be happy...content, complacent, pretending that all is well....


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Blaming the public isn't going to get us anywhere - the public are victims of these crimes and conspiracies.

Actually, this is a liberal nation which is 84% anti-war (higher internationally) and against the MIC. It's a nation which has long sought National Health Care for ALL. We are a people who support Social Security and Medicare. We support reproductive freedom by very high numbers - even simply CHOICE by more than 50%. We support funding of Planned Parenthood. We support fairness in Student Lending where usury law used to be tops 6 years, often less.

If you watched the Bernie Sanders campaign at all you know that had the nomination not been stolen from him, there would have been an overwhelming vote for him as President.

There is some truth in the "sheeple" idea of the public -- they are easily frightened. But there are some among us who came to understand that and began to invent "Satan/Devil" - Heaven&Hell -- to control the public through FEAR. FEAR is the basis of Mind Control.

But as for the "sheeple" ... if you've ever trained a puppy, one of the methods used to keep them from areas where you don't want them to be is to simply roll up some newspaper and slap it on your hands to make a loud noise. Not a very nice thing to do but very effective and trust no one does this anymore. But the human animal is just as easily controlled by similar methods to frighten them.

Our problems are that humanity has never found a way to control the few violent among us -- and violence creates new violence.

Here's an interesting look at what I'm saying -- and too often the many do not realize that a small sacrifice of their own lives would overturn this "rule" very quickly ...

I'm telling you the man and the dog are working together


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Yah, everyone's a victim aren't they. I don't play the victim role in my life. I am responsible for my world.

I am wondering what liberal even means these days. Does it mean that people want socialism? It's certainly looking that way. And if you look deeply at it, socialism is communism "light". And if you're not sure about that, just ask the people of North Korea how it's working for them. The fact that people give their power to the government is out of control. "The government will tell us what to do and give us money because we can't think for ourselves". Yes Bernie got ousted by hitlery, knowing full well she was in the wrong and yet he ended up "supporting" her. If people want the government to tell them what to do then have at it.

Inventing satan/devil? Hardly inventing. Look it up. That is what is running the world. Not a conspiracy. And if people can't see it, then they are blatantly turning a blind eye so as not to make their world uncomfortable.

If people want to make a small sacrifice (whatever you mean by that), then they should stop buying into nonsense. The whole lot of it....consumerism. That would bring the whole pyramid down.

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